Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Change Will Do You Good

Good things have happened in the last 6 weeks or so since we have visited.

1. I did get a new job! This past week was the beginning of orientation at the new hospital. I'm thrilled at this development in my career and life. I wasn't able to get a job in the CVICU, but there's time for that in the future. I'll be working on the surgical unit, taking care of folks right before and right after the surgeries that change their lives. This floor specializes in bariatric weight loss surgery and late-stage ovarian cancer surgeries. I'm going back to night shift, but I get to make my own schedule. And the commute is only 15 minutes! Fifteen GLORIOUS MINUTES!

2. I moved my office. Hubby and I have shared office space for the 9 years we've been together, but I finally took over the small sunroom off the living room. Life isn't perfect, so I'm also sharing the office with the cats' litterboxes, but I have a clever solution for minimizing distress for all parties involved.

3. Percolating a new book. My latest is in the hands of final beta readers/critique partners. Then I have to decide what the heck I'm going to do with it.

4. I had surgery! At the end of May, I had an urgent choleycystectomy (gallbladder removal.) It was my first surgery, and I learned that I'm allergic to morphine and Dilaudid isn't my friend. It's definitely made me a better nurse for those who also have laparascopic surgeries, though. I was sore for a solid week (and actually interviewed for my new job 2 days after I went under the knife.) I'm all better now. The last thing to come back is my running stamina, and it's getting there too...

Hope all you Americans had a lovely Independence Day!


Sarah Ahiers said...

oooh! Percolating a new book, eh? Exciting!

Also yay and boo on the other stuff too!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Hey, you!
I realized I haven't checked in on all of the blogging friends I used to follow so regularly...glad to hear about your new job (the gall bladder thing sucks, but at least that's all if was)! I remember when you were studying your butt off!
My book finally came out in June! And of course there are always new ideas percolating around in my brain, too. Enjoy the rest of your summer!