Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You're So Hypnotizing

Hi Bloggy People!

Here I sit (did I mention I got a new desk chair? It's awesome), all sweaty from a fresh 30 Day Shred workout, drinking my big glass of water and contemplating the day ahead. It's the summer solstice, and it seems like I should do something special to celebrate, no? I mean, it's my namesake and all.

I bought 3 packs of bratwurst on sale yesterday. Mayhap grilling some brats will be proper celebration?

I also bought an additional bookshelf. Since two of my bookshelves got broken in the move, I decided the smart thing to do was to upgrade the smaller one so that not only do I have plenty of room for my current books, but I'll save some room for future growth.

I barely managed to squeeze all my books onto the 2 shelves I currently have, but it's sad and frightening, guys. I stacked the books on their sides, shelved them regularly then stacked books on top of those. Poor books.

Random thought: I'm almost ashamed to admit how many times I've listened to Katy Perry's song "E.T." over the past week. It's an earworm (alien?) of epic proportions.

Worrisome thought: Before we moved, I thought I'd have "all summer" to work on novel revisions. The truth is, I haven't touched it, and June is almost over. Nursing school starts August 11. Yowch.

The Truth: I let my cats knock my brand-new Christmas present digital camera on to the floor...er, a few times... It hasn't worked since February. I couldn't stand to tell my mother-in-law that I broke it in 2 months, so I ordered the exact same model, even though there were others that were cheaper and possibly better, though it's a good one. I should be getting it today or tomorrow, so I'll finally have some new pictures of the house, cats, and random things. Be afraid!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things That Make Me Say HMMMM

I woke up at some point during the night and as is my want, swung my legs over the bed for a nocturnal bathroom visit, only to be doubled over by crippling pain. From my groin.

Okay, I went running yesterday, but it was at 7:00am. Then I spent an entire day being active: finishing the kitchen cabinet painting, moving stuff around, putting together a bookshelf, etc.

There wasn't even any hanky panky to explain this, but I somehow managed to pull a groin muscle in my sleep. WTF? Let's just say it's swollen, painful, and almost has a burning sensation from the pain (that sounds like an STD, kinda, doesn't it?), and when I try to move my right leg too far away from the left--ZOW! Going down, lady.

Speaking of lady, that reminds me of one of our house-buying debacles. I'm going to break them up as to not overwhelm you with the prospect of how incredibly unlucky two sweet people can be.

So it's Saturday afternoon and the cable/internet man shows up to do the install. The prior lines in the house are all old and no good, so he's going to be there for several hours. We show him the first spot in the living room where we'd like the cable line to come out of the wall (it's $60 for wall, $10 for floor. Redonkulous, innit?). So he grabs his drill with the seven-foot bit and goes to town drilling...only to 1) punch out through the wall in the carport, and 2) subsequently hit the concrete foundation. So now we have a hole in the side of our house.

Repeat this for both other rooms, but insert things like "floor joists" and "omg you just narrowly missed our air conditioner unit." It was a stressful time, compounded by the fact that he was incapable of telling us everything we needed at once. We're still moving in, dude. We consider things like "clothing" more important than our flat-screen. So we had to make 2 separate trips for the TV and modem.

And then, as he's leaving, he says, "Bye, lady."

And now I will share some pictures of the house.

Just a small portion of a large backyard.

Living/dining room. Vaulted ceiling.

Mystery third room. Probably guest room?

Kitchen! Now with refrigerator and new paint & hardware on cabinets. 

Master bathroom with sink that doesn't work and world's suckiest shower. 

Front of house, with mound of dirt that needs to be removed pronto. And hornets. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's All A Whirlwind

The short of it: in the new house. One of the craziest, most stressful long weekends EVER. 

Juicy details, coming soon!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Going to Be Legen--Wait For It!--


OMG I'm buying a house today!

*freak out*

*run in circles*

For the record, I probably wouldn't be this excited/apprehensive if the road to this milestone hadn't been so fraught with disaster! But we made it, and at 10am EST, hubby and I will be signing our stack o'paper.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things I Have Done Since Moving

1. Sweat. A LOT. Even sitting in the air conditioning. Today our heat index is 100, but at least the humidity is giving us a break at 42%.

2. Eat. Also a lot. My in-laws' place is a haven for the hungry, or those of us who eat out of boredom. 

3. Pet Cats. I am currently alone in the house with 6 cats. I won't lie--I wish they were all mine. Except for the one mean one:

Actual picture of Mean Cat, circa Christmas 2010. 

Sub-point to 3. Clean up cat vomit. The Munchkin cat that I gifted my in-laws with 2 years ago is a (not) lean, (not) mean vomiting machine:

And since we temporarily moved our mammoth couch into the living room, Herbie has taken up residence on it, thereby gracing it with his puke. Thanks, buddy. That's gratitude for rescuing him from the shelter, I guess. 

4. Almost stepped on a snake. I like to walk around barefoot. Especially outside. This was a detriment day before yesterday, when I came within 2 inches of putting my foot down on a three-foot king snake. I screamed a girly little scream, splashed some of my beverage out of my glass, and then giggled. 

5. Talked to my mortgage broker many times a day. We're in the last stage of the house-buying, and now we're talking more than I talk to my husband during the day. 

6. Thought about starting revisions on my novel and promptly decided I'm too frazzled. Does this really need elaboration? 

7. Bought a new mattress. What we used to sleep on was 15 years old, being saved by a 2-inch Tempur-Pedic topper. Memorial Day gave us 40% off an awesome mattress that is basically going to be like sleeping on a well-supported cloud. 

8. Checked out a ton of books. I'm bored out of my wits, so I might as well give in and read all day, draped in cats. I'm embracing it, folks. Soon you won't receive mail from me without there being a dozen cat hairs inside the envelope. 

9. Thought incessantly about the house and wished we were moving in already. Rinse & repeat.

What have you been up to lately? Please write long, detailed answers. I'm bored here.