Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things I Have Done Since Moving

1. Sweat. A LOT. Even sitting in the air conditioning. Today our heat index is 100, but at least the humidity is giving us a break at 42%.

2. Eat. Also a lot. My in-laws' place is a haven for the hungry, or those of us who eat out of boredom. 

3. Pet Cats. I am currently alone in the house with 6 cats. I won't lie--I wish they were all mine. Except for the one mean one:

Actual picture of Mean Cat, circa Christmas 2010. 

Sub-point to 3. Clean up cat vomit. The Munchkin cat that I gifted my in-laws with 2 years ago is a (not) lean, (not) mean vomiting machine:

And since we temporarily moved our mammoth couch into the living room, Herbie has taken up residence on it, thereby gracing it with his puke. Thanks, buddy. That's gratitude for rescuing him from the shelter, I guess. 

4. Almost stepped on a snake. I like to walk around barefoot. Especially outside. This was a detriment day before yesterday, when I came within 2 inches of putting my foot down on a three-foot king snake. I screamed a girly little scream, splashed some of my beverage out of my glass, and then giggled. 

5. Talked to my mortgage broker many times a day. We're in the last stage of the house-buying, and now we're talking more than I talk to my husband during the day. 

6. Thought about starting revisions on my novel and promptly decided I'm too frazzled. Does this really need elaboration? 

7. Bought a new mattress. What we used to sleep on was 15 years old, being saved by a 2-inch Tempur-Pedic topper. Memorial Day gave us 40% off an awesome mattress that is basically going to be like sleeping on a well-supported cloud. 

8. Checked out a ton of books. I'm bored out of my wits, so I might as well give in and read all day, draped in cats. I'm embracing it, folks. Soon you won't receive mail from me without there being a dozen cat hairs inside the envelope. 

9. Thought incessantly about the house and wished we were moving in already. Rinse & repeat.

What have you been up to lately? Please write long, detailed answers. I'm bored here. 


Crystal Cook said...

:) Ah Summer, I luv ya. :)

Let's see. . . .

Today I ran four miles fending off nasty flying insects for about one mile of it (although it felt like 4 right there).

I took all three kids grocery shopping. I am a brave woman.

I cleaned up some toys and then gave three bags full of stuff to charity.

I realized as I was writing this that my life is kinda boring. Oh, oh wait! I have flowers waiting for me to plant! That's fun right?

Good luck with your move, I hope you get in your new place soon!

Linda G. said...

Oh, man. You HAVE been busy. My sympathies, especially on the cat puke.

But soon! Soon you will be in your own house, and it will be grand! :)

Amie McCracken said...

Working, reading, reading, reading, working, some movies, a tiny bit of writing, and no cats. (I do have a parakeet though, she's noisy but doesn't puke.)

I hope all goes well when you do finally move in!

Meredith said...

Ugh, how stressful! At least you'll have lots of books to read--that sounds like a perfect way to de-stress!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww lovely Herbie the Munchkin cat!! He's adorable - look at his little face!! Now who is that mean kitty?!?! Well he or she is lovely!! Awwwww!!! Oh kitties do no wrong in my rose tinted eyes! LOL!!

Glad you have moved out and hopefully you'll be moving in to your new home soon!! In the meantime - maybe walking out in your biggest boots is a Good Thing! LOL!

Let's hope the ennui is temporary! Take care

B Kaur said...

Reading books while draped in cats... it sounds kind of... glamorous!

I almost stepped on a snake several times when I went holidaying in India.

Your new mattress sounds like heaven. I recently bought a new bed, and sleeping has never been so luxuriously magnificent.

Michelle in a shell said...

Wow, sounds pretty eventful!

On a side note, I've always(read: 5 years since I learned about them) wanted a Munchkin! So adorable!!! I can't bring myself to think about spending that kind of money on a poor cat though

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And I about spit my drink reading this!
Yes, it's hot. Africa hot.

Summer Frey said...

@Michelle: I'd never seen nor heard of one before he came into the animal shelter where I worked. He's super sweet, and he was both front and back declawed when he came in, but the person had found him outside. No one ever claimed him, so after the allotted time, I adopted him and he's been a couch potato ever since. :)

blankenship.louise said...

re: #3 -- it's called tortie 'tude, IIRC :) They're all kinda bitchy. I think it's charming, but I find grumpy old toms charming too...

Susan Kane said...

What adventures you are having--it is a good thing you are young.
Today I watched my two granddaughters, did some art projects with them, and listened to their sage wisdom.

Sarah Ahiers said...

when is your official move in date? I'm super excited to see pics (hint hint)
All i've really done is work, start my new WIP, and shop for my upcoming cousin's wedding.

Lola Sharp said...

Do you have a firm settlement date yet?

No way in hell could I have 6 cats in my house. My one cat is TROUBLE enough. (I should have named her Trouble) (but I love her anyway)

And there would be no giggling if I had almost stepped on a snake in bare feet...I'd be all full-on, bloody hell screaming and running. O_0

Love and huggleberries,

Sommer Leigh said...

Poor thing, you need a vacation! Although reading while draped in cats sounds nice :-) Whenever I sit to read my cats see it as free cuddle time and drape themselves over my shoulder, my lap, and my feet. One usually tries to climb into my arms to lay on top of the book.

I hope this wraps up soon for you! Feeling displaced and frazzled can wear you down quick.

Unknown said...

Gah! Snakes! I have to say, the part about you spending whole days draped in cats and reading books has me a bit green with envy. But I know how frustrating it is to be temporarily homeless -- especially when you're excited to get moved into your new house. Hope the closing goes through soon! Thinking of you and looking forward to hanging out. Hey, are you moving into a subdivision? If you won't have access to a pool and you need to cool off, come on over! Our HOA converted our pool over the winter, and now it's a salt water pool. Very nice, for what it is. Let me know if you'd like to come hang out and take a dip!

((hugs)) Nicole

Grammy said...

Hi, I have considered getting a kitten, but not sure I have the dedication to spend time taking care of it well day so far...up at 5:30, on computer for an hour, shower, made up bed, cleaned up kitchen and prepared blueberry pancakes for a new friend of mine. She is only about 21, I think and goes to the church pastored by one of my grandsons. She is in town doing an internship at Nordstrom's Dept. store. We sat and talked for awhile and then she left. Since then, I have been back at my computer, visiting blogs. :)
I enjoyed your post.

Deniz Bevan said...

Nothing better for procrastinating on revisions than a stack of books and a house full of cats. Do you take tea or coffee? :-)

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

Sounds like an eventful time. Lets see I have been working on Thesis. Working on novel. Hanging out with my four wonderful kids. Making time for school. Hiking and glad that it is finally warming up:)

DEZMOND said...

The Evil Cat is such a charmer :)
And the Munchkin cat looks a bit overweight or pregnant :)

Tracy said...

I like evil cats, they're my people. :D

As for me, I've just gotten back from an uber-hectic work convention. I'm also trying like hell to finish the re-write of my YA WIP this month, going to baseball games more than half the nights in June, trying to compile the results from hundreds of thousands of evaluations from doctors who managed to get all the way through medical school without learning how to properly fill out a scantron sheet...well, there's more, but I'm tired of typing now.

Good luck with the house stuff!! And there is nothing wrong with a little excess cat hair in your mailings.

Talli Roland said...

Gah, that cat looks very VERY scary!

And eek on the snake!

Hannah said...

Now I'm just imagining you reading, giggling, sweating, barefoot and draped with cats.

Unknown said...

Moving can be so hard! I just found out I have to move in three months clear across the country. I won't go into all the other crap going on...wouldn't want anyone to take too much prozac.:)

Sophia said...

I've been getting heat rash from swimming and sitting reading in the sun (worth it). I've read 3 good YA books in a week. I've realised that I am seriously introverted after being around people 24/7 made me exhausted and crave alone time. And now I'm going to go find moar books to read and plan my short trip to London, woo. Hope your boredness gets taken care of with some booky goodness!
- Sophia.

yokohamamama said...

Move is soon? Can't wait to hear:-)) And--what Sarah said. Photos! More envy of your kitteh-draped reading time. *sigh*. Our rescue kitty lives with Grandma now (since we can't have pets in company housing). The few days we got to have him here were *so* wonderful. Lonely:-(( Other than that I've... been uploading photos to the Encyclopedia of Life... cooking and cleaning (not so much cleaning)... crawdads in my sink. The usual things;-)

Matthew MacNish said...

I can't stand Summer in GA (the season, not you), and it's not even technically summer yet.