Monday, July 9, 2012

all these things

Last week was a good week, bloggy friends.

I worked a holiday and a weekend, so I get extra money on my next paycheck. I did things at the hospital that were new, exciting, and gross to most people, so I won't tell you what they were. I had some really cool patients, and some really not-cool patients.

I went shopping for my brother-in-law's wedding stuff on Friday--did I mention I"m in charge of table decorations, flowers, and the general aesthetic of the event?

I also finished revising my novel.


I was talking with hubby about it, bemoaning for the millionth time that I didn't keep exact count of how much I cut and wrote anew, but I think it's safe to say that I rewrote at least half that bad boy--completely rewrote. It was a lot of work, but I'm pleased and proud of the outcome. It's now in the hands of my critique partners.

So this led into another first: I started writing my first query letter. Then I wrote another one, and another one. I ended up with three totally different queries, each one emphasizing a different theme and spin on the novel. Hubby read them and decided which was the overall best (the first), but suggested using a line or two from one of the others in place of the original.

I feel so grown-up as a writer.

Oh, and I started a spreadsheet for agents. I tell you, I don't know jack crap about agents. There are only a handful I'm aware of through the blogosphere/Twitter, and only a few of them would be an appropriate match for my novel. So, I'm hunting.

How are you? Staying cool? Drinking water? Nurse Summer says: heat is not excuse not to exercise!

(Writer Summer says: my office is so dark and cool.)