Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Auld Acquaintance


Quite the year.

I worked on December 31st. We had 4 codes in my 12 hour shift. The night before, 2. The day before, 3. The day before that, 5.

Not sure what that means. Maybe it's a new moon/full moon. Maybe people want to die at the end of the year? Probably it's nothing, but it gives me a strange feeling going into the new year.

I became a nurse in 2013. There's a magnificent road ahead of me, but I have already come incredibly far. Sadly, at the expense of many other things. Some of those things I'm slowly regaining, but some of them I'm afraid will be changed forever.

I'm a bad internet friend. I can't even apologize for that, really. My personal and professional life is very fulfilling. I still care, I still think about, and I still Facebook. Not sure I can do much more.

I bought a new house. I'm a landlord now.

I start graduate school in 5 days.

I only wrote one novel, and I still haven't finished editing/polishing it. Not sure when/if I'll be able to, but I want to try.

My running suffered greatly, as did my health. That is changing thanks to switching back to day shift from nights.

I don't know. 2013 was a fast year for me. No one close to me died, which is more than I can say for the two years before that. But I saw more death than I ever have, and I've come to believe in some things I never thought I would.

2014 has new things in store for me professionally, personally, and financially. I'm not going to do resolutions this year. I don't need a new date to change.

Somewhat gloomily,