Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trailers and Titles

As one of the excitement and momentum-building exercises in the week before NaNoWriMo '09, I joined in the forum of folks making book trailers. I'd never seen or heard of a book trailer before, but after watching a few, I thought--hey, this is pretty cool! So I made one. Took me about 12 hours to get it "perfect," and while the story ended up going in a completely different direction, it was still fun, and I still get enjoyment out of watching it.

I thought I might make another one for my WIP. I'm not to any point of needing publicity in the least, but when my inspiration was flagging during NaNo, I watched my trailer and got excited all over again. (Plus it's fun to find pictures of handsome men, right? *wink wink*) I certainly spend enough time on my duff in front of the computer doing nothing--might as well do something somewhat useful. So stay tuned! Trailer to come...sometime soon.

On another note, I'm curious about titles. I've always had a hard time with names of anything: people, places, items, objects, technology, and especially book titles! I usually just give it a silly name or some sort of descriptor so I can keep track of what's what in My Documents.

I gave my NaNo novel the working title Eternal Spring, because at first I was working off the idea that my MCs were the mythological Hyperboreans, who were said to live in a land of Eternal Spring. Cheesy, I guess, but until I came up with that, I was just calling it Apocalypse. Ha!

I'm at a total loss of what to workingly name this one. Right now it's stored under folder name "All the Pretty Fairies" just so it appears at the top of my documents list, and the text itself is titled--ready for it?-- Draft 1. Pretty thrilling, huh?

If I ever do get published, I'm really banking on the publisher coming up with a decent name. Otherwise, all books published by Summer B.P. are going to be called "Draft 1." I find myself somewhat amusing that I can endlessly come up with ideas for content, but when it comes to naming that content, it's blank after blank after blank. Pretty sad, huh?

So how do you come up with names for your projects? Do you give it something like "draft 1" until it's pretty firm and then get inspiration? Or do you have pretty good luck coming up with a fitting title from the beginning?

(Stay tuned for a book trailer for "Draft 1." It's only 5pm here...plenty of time to make a movie!)

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Anonymous said...

My novel is called "draft 1" too! A forced title is way worse than no title at all I say. - Janie