Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the Plague Came

It's been coming. I've been avoiding it for almost 7 months now, fortified with vitamins and massive water consumption, exercise and general good health.

Unfortunately, only 5 weeks post-surgery, my immune system isn't what it could be, so it finally happened.

Evan gave me his crap.

My husband works at the private, liberal arts college where we met and he graduated from. Back when we were there, the theatre department was dumped in the basement of the main building, and this basement had one thing: black mold.

Seriously. All of us theatre students were sick all the time, especially me. We've all probably lost about 10 years of our life thanks to that funk. Then I moved away to UGA and got much better.

Then the school built a brand-spankin' new theatre building across the lake, all fancy and shite, and what did they do? They decided to dump Financial Aid down in the basement instead. Because nothing says "give us your money" like black mold, right?

So poor hubby is back in the black mold 40+ hours a week. We bought an ionic air purifier for his office, which he has to clean about every other day--nasty! Unfortunately he doesn't stay in his office enough for it to help, so he's been sick about, oh, five times since he started working there last June. That's more than he was sick in the entire 4.5 years I knew him prior to this job.

Anyway, he came home last night feeling pretty crappy, so I did the usual loading him up on Mucinex and fluids. Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, I felt about like I'd been hit and dragged twenty feet by a Mack truck. I had just enough energy to go out and pick up his dry cleaning, buy some meds at Target, and meet my mother-in-law for an impromptu design meeting on the bedroom she's redoing before I crashed.

When I was a freshman in college, I was having really bad migraine-type headaches, so I went to the neurologist. Turned out that I'd developed a nasty nasal bone spur that was causing the pain. The doctor didn't think it needed to come out yet, but advised that if it ever started hurting again, I'd need that horrible, horrible surgery to remove it.

Currently, the left side of my nose is so swollen and sore that I can't even bear to touch it. I'm really, really hoping it's just some nasty sinus cavity pain and that the spur isn't causing trouble, because the last thing I need is another surgery. I took two Advil Cold & Sinus a couple hours ago, which made me feel some better, but they're wearing off again.

I'm almost to the 10,000-word mark in the book, which is quite exciting. I'm hoping to get there tonight, if I can stay awake and focusing long enough. Evan read over everything earlier this afternoon and gave his stamp of approval, even going so far as to compliment my pacing! Yay! Pacing is an issue for me. I tend to wax poetic...and kind of forget to keep the story moving...which was a big thing I was concentrating on changing in this rewrite.

So, 10k tonight, then hopefully 8-10 hours of sick-fighting sleep. And no feeling worse in the morning, please!


Luna said...

Hi! Good luck with meeting your goal today and I really hope you are feeling better soon.

I enjoyed reading your blog! Now I know not to be weirded out by prego dreams. Thanks!

I've only had little glimpses into your novel, but I'm already excited for it to come out! Best wishes to you...:)

Take care, Jamie

Summer Frey said...

Hi Jamie! Thanks for coming by my blog! Glad you're enjoying it! I made it to 10,029 words, so I did it!

I'll probably be posting more concrete details about the novel soon. :-)

Guinevere said...

Feel better! I'm crossing my fingers for you that it's just sinus pressure, and not a need for another surgery!

Looking forward to hearing more about the novel as well. :)