Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That NaNo Time of Year

And with it brings everyone's favorite stalking thread: Show Your Space

So I am. Here's where the last two books have happened:

The office. 
 I share my office with hubby, whose desk is off to the right. I just noticed that my cable situation seems to be out of control. I should probably bind all that up. Or not.

The assistant. 
Whose dog sleeps on two beds at once? My dog. The more pillows, the better...


Anonymous said...

I'm bowing out of NaNo this year. But good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

my dog does that too, actually

he's content to lay on anything, tho, tbh

anything he can burrow under, at least

Sarah Ahiers said...

Look how big she's gotten!!! I need more ripley pics in my life. True story.

Unknown said...

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