Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week in Review (week 11?)

Really only 11 weeks left? Surely that's not right... Nope, I just counted on my calendar and IT IS RIGHT!

Eleven weeks until I'm done with nursing school! (This round, anyway. There's advanced degreeing in my near future. Just waiting on my acceptance letter.)

The past week has been fairly uneventful. School is settling into the gentle slog phase, where it seems like you have class every time you turn around, despite it being only once a week. This is how nursing school warps time. And once the exams start (they have), it goes by even faster.

Still enjoying my OB rotation far more than I thought I would. I witnessed two C-Sections yesterday. Still haven't seen a natural birth, but my chance for that is coming soon. I'm also getting much better at assessing the heart rate and respirations of a newborn. The first one I did was in respiratory distress, so his rate was in the 80's. It threw me off so much I thought I'd miscounted, but the nurse confirmed it for me. Crazy times!

Cross your fingers for me on the job front. I've been selected to a meet & greet for a nurse residency program at a nearby hospital, which is step 1. I also emailed my nurse manager from my nurse extern program last summer, and her response was very positive. Hope beyond hope is that I'll have multiple job offers and will actually have to make a decision! Which will be really tough, especially since I feel a strong sense of loyalty to the people from my extern program.

Anyway, I don't want to get ahead of myself there, but I'm excited to see some things happening.

I hope you all are doing well! Next week's review may be more interesting. This Saturday I'm meeting up with a bunch of Atlanta-area writers at a pub... last time we had fun shenanigans, and I anticipate it only being better this time...


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Wow, 11 weeks!

Glad you're enjoying the OB rotation...a coworker brought her infant twins in yesterday, it was awesome to hold some squishy little babies for the first time in a while.

Linda G. said...

Aw, glad you're liking the babies! You are going to make an awesome nurse. :)

Erica Poyauan said...

congratulations :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

I'm so jealous of all you guys living near each other!
Also, OT, i totes just sent you an email and junk.

Luna said...

Hi, Summer,

It's been a while since I've visited your blog. Congratulations on all you've accomplished and for the new addition to your family! Sending lots of good juju your way for the residency. Good luck with all you've got coming up and have fun with your writing gang! :)