Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week in Review (Week 15)

15 weeks until I'm a registered nurse!

What's been happening this week?

Well, I've started back to class fully. I had a long, adventurous day in Atlanta for my pediatric clinical orientation. I think it's going to be interesting, and my clinical instructor seems awesome.

Yesterday, I was traumatized all day by my obstetrics orientation. Including a still-frame slideshow of a live birth. It was amusing, watching the groups of students go in and out of the different stations. Amidst the smiles were a few faces of horror and despair (including my own). Fortunately, my OB clinical is 12 hours, so I only have to go 6 times this semester!

The job hunt is gearing up. I try not to think about it too often (what a joke), because it stresses me out worse than anything school-related. They advise graduating nurses to start applying in early February. It's a weird thought to be applying for something that requires licensure, knowing you won't have the opportunity to obtain that licensure for 3-5 more months. But I'm tinkering with my resume and making a bookmark list of all the hospitals in the area I'm interested in and trying to think of my answers to potential interview questions.

Getting up early to write is going well! My progress on the current book is surprising. The story seems to be just falling into place, with me only having to think about the details.

Current wordcount: 18,915
Current weather: rainy
Current music: Yoshida Brothers Pandora station

How has your week been? Tell me!


Old Kitty said...

It all sounds wonderful!!! Yay for your writing progress and I have everything crossed for your job hunt! Take care

Hannah said...

My sister made me watch the video she made of her delivery. *shudder*

I'm excited to read whatever your new project is!! Yay!! I'm still not done with mine...hence the delay in our exchange. :(

Sarah Ahiers said...

Ugh Hannah. Gross. I'd rather watch a stranger give birth than someone i know.
And woo! 15 weeks! That's go by super fast!

Lola Sharp said...

I'm so happy you're continuing to write. :)

I hope the puppy is doing well.