Monday, July 9, 2012

all these things

Last week was a good week, bloggy friends.

I worked a holiday and a weekend, so I get extra money on my next paycheck. I did things at the hospital that were new, exciting, and gross to most people, so I won't tell you what they were. I had some really cool patients, and some really not-cool patients.

I went shopping for my brother-in-law's wedding stuff on Friday--did I mention I"m in charge of table decorations, flowers, and the general aesthetic of the event?

I also finished revising my novel.


I was talking with hubby about it, bemoaning for the millionth time that I didn't keep exact count of how much I cut and wrote anew, but I think it's safe to say that I rewrote at least half that bad boy--completely rewrote. It was a lot of work, but I'm pleased and proud of the outcome. It's now in the hands of my critique partners.

So this led into another first: I started writing my first query letter. Then I wrote another one, and another one. I ended up with three totally different queries, each one emphasizing a different theme and spin on the novel. Hubby read them and decided which was the overall best (the first), but suggested using a line or two from one of the others in place of the original.

I feel so grown-up as a writer.

Oh, and I started a spreadsheet for agents. I tell you, I don't know jack crap about agents. There are only a handful I'm aware of through the blogosphere/Twitter, and only a few of them would be an appropriate match for my novel. So, I'm hunting.

How are you? Staying cool? Drinking water? Nurse Summer says: heat is not excuse not to exercise!

(Writer Summer says: my office is so dark and cool.)


Kristi said...

Congrats on finishing your revisions and starting your agent search! If you haven't tried it yet, visit www(dot)querytracker(dot)net. It's a great resource for searching out agents by genre!

Best of luck with those revisions, and it's awesome that your hubby read them and gave you feed back! I just started doing this with mine and have been surprised how good he is at helping!

Who knew I such good resources at my fingertips?

Jessica Lemmon said...

Yayyyy! Huge congrats!!! And, btw, I had help with my query letter and query tracker. You have my email, feel free to ask me anything. Happy to pay it forward. I mailed to 6 agents and a pub house, rec'd a full request from 3, a partial from 2, and A publisher requested my full., I guess it's pretty good, lol.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

So glad you're being productive...and getting to the next step! Yay!

I'd like to say I haven't been online so much because I've also been productive, but...

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Spreadsheeting for agents!! Now I am super awed!! All the best Summer! Yay for you!! Take care

Sarah Ahiers said...

definitely have to listen to Nurse Summer! We've been doing crappy with our excercise lately, though this week we're focusing on getting back on the track. We have no excuses, since we have a workout room (except for when the treadmill needed to be lubed. And early work meetings. But NO MORE)
I'm so excited for you! You're at such a fun phase of things!

Lola Sharp said...

I'm super proud of you Summer. And I'm excited to read the new version. :)
I am about to open the doc and commence crittering!

Anonymous said...

I always suggest people to send their queries to Matthew MacNish ( He's aces. And actually lives up your way, I believe.

Unknown said...

Best of luck with the query project :)) Great to see you today, sweets. Looking forward to Saturday! I'll be in touch in the next day or so to make our final plans. Have a great evening!

Kimberly Gabriel said...

I'm stopping by from Matt MacNish's blog. Congrats on completing the novel and beginning the query process!

tamw said...

I just found your blog cause I was over on Questionable Query. I also just got done a final revision and am getting ready to query. I noticed your book is set in coastal GA. Is that where you're from? Cause I'm in the Golden Isles and I don't know any other writers around here. I'm fairly desperate for someone to talk shop with.haha. I write paranormal YA. I've only queried one other book, which got a few requests for a full, but nothing ended up going through. Kind of crushing, but what are you going to do? Anyway, if you're from around here maybe we could meet up sometime? Let me know. Great blog btw!

tamw said...

P.S. I got super excited at the setting of your book and the fact that you were from GA, so I kinda jumped the gun. haha. Just read the "About Me" section which I probably should've read first. I think I'm half asleep today. So, it looks like you're from the mountains, which is much too far away to hang out. haha.

However, I wanted to tell you to check out agent It's a great resource. And maybe we can "hang out" online.:) I'm following your blog now. My name is Tam btw. Good luck on your book!!!

Jade @ Chasing Empty Pavements said...

Just your read your query and HOLY MOLY woman. You've got a winner on your hands. I'm seriously impressed. I want to read the novel. Right now. :) Good luck with everything!