Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Me Maybe--Inaugural Post

I'm joining with quite a few other bloggers in an attempt to motivate myself back into a regular posting schedule. I like to think I have a good excuse for blogging less, but it's still something I'd like to improve.

The posting schedule for the month of May "Blog me MAYbe" fest is on the right side toolbar. 

Link to the original post and the list of participants is here

Today's Topic: me?

I have to write something about myself once a week? 

For long-time followers of my blog, I'm not sure there's anything left to talk about that's new or interesting, but I'll certainly do my best. In the event that I have new readers, I'll start this series off with a quick run-down of factoids about moi

-I live in the dirty South. Georgia, to be specific. I much prefer Savannah over Atlanta, though I'll take the mountains over both. 

-I've been writing since I was 9 years old. I still have the first "novel" I started, about a 14-year-old girl (so mature!) named Raine. 

-I dabble in multiple genres, but my heart belongs mostly to things in the adult urban fantasy/sci-fi/mashup realm. I attribute it to equal portions of watching Dark Shadows and Star Trek as a kid. 

-I'm in nursing school; specially, I'm in an ASN program, which is an Associate's of Science in Nursing--an accelerated program that makes you an RN in 2 intensive years. I plan on finishing my BSN and eventually getting a Master's degree, probably in something health-related (though likely not to be a Nurse Practitioner). 

-I have a Bachelor's degree in English. I really like Medieval Romance, Native American literature, and literary theory. 

-Someday, I want to handle a search & rescue dog as a disaster-response nurse/volunteer. 

-I have three cats, all rescues. (Mack, Magoo, Monty) 

-I run. 

Okay. That wasn't so hard. Now let's see if I can do this 22 more times... 


Elodie said...

Very nice meeting you, Summer :D New reader here, so it´s nice to get a few details :D I also love medieval romances and literary theories! (oh and I have a tendency to overuse smileys)

Matthew MacNish said...

I think I knew most of this stuff, but it's going to be cool to have you blogging more!

Linda G. said...

Yay, adult urban fantasy! I'm rather attached to that genre myself. ;)

And I'm still in awe of everything you manage to do.

Old Kitty said...

Lovely to meet you Summer!! *Big wave!!!*


Take care

Meredith said...

Wow, being a disaster-response nurse sounds intense, and so rewarding! Good luck! And good luck with the blogging challenge. :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

ooh, i did not know about the search and rescue dog bit. That's awesome and something i've thought of now and again as well

Lola Sharp said...

I can totally see you doing the dog search and rescue nurse thing. :) (maybe you could train Mack to do it...he likes his leash, right? ;)

Glad you decided to join our blogfest. I bet you'll keep up/do better than I will. This morning when I was writing today's post, all I kept thinking is: SHIT, I have to do ANOTHER ONE TOMORROW??? (AND THE DAY AFTER THAT?? AND THE DAY AFTER THAT?!!)

Yeah. I'll be seriously proud if I manage to do one or two/week for the entire month. I'll see how I feel in the morning if I make it through day two on track. ;)

I hope you are spending some time RELAXING.

Love you, miss you, proud of you,

Gretchen said...

Talking about yourself once a week could be difficult, but it seems like you have a lot to talk about. I'm surprised you have time to write with doing intensive nurse training, but it sounds like you make it happen.

Julie said...

Awesome way to start the blogfest. I feel like I know you already. :)

Unpublished Life said...

Hi there!

Fello MAYbe challenger here just popping by to say hi (and am your newest follower!)

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself.

Awww I am such a country gal at heart (although born in South Africa and currently living the big city life in London UK) ... wow, love that you have a plan to work and help people and animals. So admirable!

Can't wait to read more!


Ghenet Myrthil said...

I'm a new follower, so nice to "meet" you! I'm also doing a few Blog Me Maybe posts this month. :)