Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today it's 75 degrees and the sun is blazing. We're deeply entrenched in the beginning of crazy Georgia spring, which basically alternates tornadoes with ice storms until April comes and it rockets to 100 degrees and stays there until October.

I'm in my last big 6-day stretch of crazy school stuff until my Spring Break. I made it through Hell Month (February), and though these next six days are on par with all of the past 5 weeks' shenanigans, I'm feeling a lot calmer and less stressed.

On the nursing school front: started back to clinical this week. I'm still on the ortho/neuro floor at the hospital. First day was pretty dull for me--shared a single patient, and the only interesting thing about them was that they only spoke/understood Hindi. Almost all the other folks in my group got to do fun stuff, like pass meds, hang IV lines, and two of them even got to try an IV stick on a patient! Lucky... During post-conference, we got to hang out in the hospital's simulation lab and practice more IV sticks on the dummy arms. An ER nurse came by to talk to us and give us pointers on IV stick technique. I hit the dummy vein every time, so I've cleared my shame from our first sim lab day.

Still waiting to hear about the nurse extern position. From what I hear, there were over 100 applicants, so a lot of us haven't heard anything.

I'm writing again--or more precisely, revising/editing. Though that always comes with new writing, doesn't it? I don't know--it's really my first time at the ballpark, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I've written lots of massive emails to CPs with ideas and been making big notes in Scrivener--and yeah, I'm trying to use Scrivener, because it just seems like a great tool for revision. I think I'm about 95% on track for revision, in that I've figured out my biggest plot holes and smoothed some big wrinkles. Now I just have to figure out some smaller details, and then I'll be good to go.

For now, I'm going to sneak some more book time as I procrastinate studying pharmacology, and daydream about my Spring Break plans, which are basically this:

(Translation: alcohol, every day and as needed.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey Summer! Glad you're writing again. And we are closer to eighty degrees here. Yuck!

Old Kitty said...

Yay for getting through your hellish February!! Fingers crossed you get good news re: your nurse application! GOOD LUCK!!

Roll on Spring break! Looks like you really need and deserve it - esp now that you've done and are doing lots of edits and revisions - phew - I can't keep up!

Yay for Nurse Betty! LOL! And she keeps smiling and looks ever so lovely! Take care

Anonymous said...

It was nice this morning when I got to work this morning at 7. Just walked outside for the first time today...75? WTH?! I'm sweating through my clothes.


We need more good IV stickers! So glad you are aboard. Or will be.
Keep at the writing.
My first books VADA FAITH goes on KINDLE next week if all goes as planned.
Writing is one hurdle after another. Kind of like hurdle jumping in school which I was no good at. Hope you are better at it.
blessings, Barb

Linda G. said...

Love Nurse Betty -- LOL!

You are doing great. Hang in there! :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay! You're so close to spring break. sooooooo cloooooose.
I LMAO at the nurse betty picture.
Also, yay for writing again!
Sorry i missed this post until now. I haven't been using my google reader because my work still uses IE6. It's like we're stuck in 2002