Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Weeks Later...

I made grand plans for my Spring Break, as you may recall. I claimed that I was, over 11 days, going to try to (start and) finish first-pass revisions on my MS.

The 11 days came and went, and I did make hella good progress. I revised what ended up being 16 out of 24 chapters.

Last night, I finished.

Before the reflection, here are some fun stats:

Original draft word count: 86,115
Second draft word count: 88,362

Number of chapter totally cut: 3
Number of chapters totally re-written or added new: 5

I couldn't even begin to estimate how many new words I wrote, beyond the entirely new chapters. There isn't a chapter in the book that hasn't been tweaked, and most of them got some pretty serious scene re-vamps.

So, this has been my first foray into revising a novel. Honestly, I really like it. Drafting is stressful for me, and it's been nice to finally be on the other side: the path is already laid; I'm just planting flowers. (Is that a terrible analogy for it?) Really, I was doing more than planting flowers. I'd thought my "few" ideas for changes would require minor rewrites, but obviously that did not come to be.

And I came up with even more new ideas as I rewrote and wrote new chapters and scenes, so now I'll be going back to add in the needed groundwork for those ideas...

I suppose that will go on for a while until I've gotten all my threads neatly tucked. Then I get to make sentences pretty.

As for when that will be, I'm not sure yet. The semester is hurtling toward an end. I have to write 2 care plans in the next 3 weeks and take one more Pharmacology test.

Then we have the joy of having 2 finals for each nursing course and my A & P final and then... I'm done with my first year of nursing school. I'll be half-way done.

Holy crap.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the revisions!!!! I'm so excited for you, getting to the end. You continue to inspire me :)) Good luck on finishing up the school semester. Rock those care plans and test/finals.

My kids start Spring Break tonight. So, I guess this is the last day of MY vacation! hahaha

Linda G. said...

You are just blazing through your writing AND nursing school! You rock. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Summer! The drafting stage stresses me as well. I like to be finished with that and have the story laid out before me so I can really see it. As you said, the path is laid.

Old Kitty said...

You have surpassed yourself, amazing Summer!! Yay for you!!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made some excellent progress. Congrats!

Matthew MacNish said...

Congrats! I always thought finishing a draft of a novel would be the most exciting thing. That is, until I actually finished revising one.

Saumya said...

What great revisions! And so exciting that you're almost done with your first year. You have a lot to celebrate :)

Kristi said...

Woohoo on manuscript revisions! Why is it they always take longer than originally planned?


Lola Sharp said...

Yay for finishing draft two! :)

I know you'll do marvelous on your finals.

I hope E and kitties and you and the house etc. are all doing well.


Sarah Ahiers said...

This is why i need a list of scenes before i write a first draft, so it's less stressful and i have to do less cleanup.
I would get bored and give up if i had to do all that work you did.
Also, i know you'll pwn those finals

Jacqueline Howett said...

Wow! quite a balancing act. You really have achieved a lot.

With all that energy, I think I'd believe you, if you told me you just run rings around the moon.

Congratulations girl!

ben268 said...

I feel your pain with finals. Just comming up. Thank goodness this is the last day of classes so I can buckle down and start studying.

congrats on your novel by the way.