Friday, December 9, 2011

Party Time! Excellent!

Well, I'm finished with my first semester of nursing school. I actually finished on Tuesday, but I've been far too busy enjoying said break for anything longer than a tweet and Facebook update.

I made all A's this semester, which I'm very happy about (of course). Next semester I'll be taking the second half of nursing fundamentals, A&P 2, and pharmacology. So, you know--it's going to suck.

But I'm not thinking about next semester yet. I don't have to think about next semester until January 9th.

I'm finished with my Christmas shopping, though I'm still assembling some of the pieces. I've made some new crochet items this year--a big step up from last year's scarves and hats. And yes, the kitties are going nuts over the Christmas tree.

I've got the itch to work on my WIP. I'm not making myself hold to any defined goal, but I'd love to see it get into the third act, at least. I'm thinking 2012 might be my year to kick it into gear, you know?

Tonight is my husband's work Christmas party. He works for a big company, and he's been hearing stories about their Christmas parties since he started working there. They give away prizes; this year includes a Kindle Fire(s?) and HDTV's, among other things. We're super unlucky (minus the $147 we found on the ground a month ago--very out of character), but I'm really crossing my fingers for a Kindle Fire!

I've never been to a nice office Christmas party before. This one is cocktail attire! Crazy! So I have my new dress, new hooker boots, and all day to think about how I'll do my hair (tonight will be my first night meeting most of his coworkers). I'm sure it'll be fun... I just hope it doesn't end up like this:

(warning: spoilers for Mad Men and also not for the faint of stomach...)


Linda G. said...

Congrats on all A's! You get a gold star. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the A's!

I've not seen Mad Men before, but after that...maybe.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations Summer - you did it! Have a fun time at the party.

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, love that scene from Mad Men. Have fun at the party, and wow, all As, awesome! Enjoy your break!

DL Hammons said...

Our company had to discontinue the annual Christmas Party because there was always someone who would get out of control. No, it was never me! Have fun...but not TOOOO much fun. :)

And congrats on the success of your first semester! Can I start with the "I have this pain..." questions yet?

Meredith said...

Ugh, the lawnmower! I remember that episode. Congrats on finishing your first semester! Enjoy the break. :)

Old Kitty said...

I want a job at your hubby's place!! LOL!! WOW what a party! I hope you win tons of stuff!! And you get to wear posh frocks and boots! How fab!

Awww huge congrats with your straight A's!! AND your crocheting successes!!

Hugs to your kitties! take care

Chippy said...

That episode does tend to stick in your mind! :)

Anonymous said...

So...are there going to be pics of the hooker boots? The interwebz are curious, y'know....


And congrats on the A's good lady! :)

Jessica Lemmon said...

Nice work, smarty pants!!! I haven't bothered with specific writing goals (bad me), but I do write almost every day...and that is why I've finished several (6?) books, not because of some pseudo pressure I place on myself. Good luck to you, you'll do it!

Sarah Ahiers said...

you know, i've worked for a lot of big companies over the year, and a few smaller ones, and not one has ever had a christmas party. I don't know if that's weird or not.
How many total semesters do you have of nursing school? I really have no idea how much school it is is.

Hannah said...

Yay for you!! J has one week left and he's done...forever!! He's a nerd like you with all As. *cough* dorks *cough*

There is something different about going to school as an adult. I was loving that Deans list.

The company I work for used to have a party but of course, stopped before I got there. Jerks. They just knew they couldn't party with me.

alexia said...

Congrats on awesome grades, good luck writing, and have fun at the party!