Monday, October 17, 2011

The Thrilling Conclusion

Thanks for all the response to my ridiculous age poll! I think the general consensus was probably around 23. Which makes sense, as I still think of myself as 23 for some reason. I guess I exude the 23-year-old vibe.

As for my actual age, I'm on the downhill slope of 25. I like to hold myself against impossible standards for 25-year-olds. I mean, it's always 25 that gets the comparison, isn't it?

"He left me for his 25-year-old secretary!"

"She has the body of a 25-year-old!"

"I wish I was 25 again!"

You see?

Currently I feel more around 55 than 25, but that's stress for you. I cut off my hair out of laziness, because I don't like the way ponytails pull on my hair, and up-do's require too much time, and I have to have my hair out of the way for clinicals. Not holding myself up to the standard too well, am I?

I did some fun things this weekend. You should look at my pictures and compliment me.*

Me and my brother being silly. "TRAPPED IN THE CORN!"

Me and el husband. 

This is what a corn maze looks like from the interior. 

That's right, we were carving pumpkins like it's 1992!
And that's my girl cat, eviscerating Evan's pumpkin throat. Poor pumpkin.

What fun thing did you all do this weekend?
Oh, and I thought the season premiere of The Walking Dead was great! How about you other fans??

*you don't have to compliment me. Really. 


Jess said...

I would have guessed that you were twenty to twenty three! Looks like you had an awesome weekend! We spent all weekend looking for a new house to live in... not so fun. Have a great day!

Jessica Bell said...

Yep, we definitely all feel 23 :o) Well, when I'm asleep I do. Ha!

DL Hammons said...

I DVR'd Walking Dead. No spoilers please. :)

Jon Paul said...

You'll laugh (or think I'm a dork, which may be the same thing) but I just started watching the first season of Walking Dead two nights ago on Netflix--based on comments here and on other blogs.

Yeah, we're pretty removed from American culture over here, which has its ups and downs. Shows have been pretty cool so far.

Corn maze interiors are very...corny, BTW. :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You should've let the cat carve one! And I'm not guessing anyone's age ever again.

Old Kitty said...

NO WAY are you a quarter of a century!! LOL!!! Yay for you!!

Oh I did read about the family who got lost in the maze, panicked, rang the emergency services!! I hope now they understand what a maze is supposed to be! :-)

Awwwwww so sweet to see your beautiful Magoo (Mack is the boy kitty right?!?!)!! Yay!! Take care

Hannah said...

I thought WD was pretty great as well. Although I can't stand Blondie...I can't think of her characters name right now.

Also, I'm jealous of your cornmazing. I'm going to miss it this year. :(

Sarah Ahiers said...

haven't watched WD yet. Should get to it soon.
I can't believe you carved pumpkins so early! We always do it just a few days before Halloween, to prevent rotting and junk. We carve pumpkins every year, and not just for the seed roasting. I already know what i'm doing this year.

Kristi said...

Great photos...we're going to a pumpkin patch this weekend and I can't wait to get into the holiday spirit (though my carving needs some serious work).

I've never seen WD but after reading the comments I'm thinking I'm missing out...

Joan Crawford said...

Ohhlala! Summer, you really look like the Goddess of Plenty in the harvest picture with your husband ;D
And whose little boots are those in the cat picture?! Do they have reindeer on them? I like the Old Timey eyebrows on your pumpkin :)

Crystal Cook said...

I miss you Summer. :) And I knew your age but I was going to say you look like you're 19!! So youthful and lovely.

And dadgum don't you look purdy in them pictures! You really do. :) Glad to see you having fun.

Summer Frey said...

@Joan: I AM the Goddess of Plenty! Plenty of complaining, plenty of whining, plenty of not-wanting-to-do-anything...

Those are MY reindeer boot slippers! I love them.

Jessica Lemmon said...

We carve pumpkins with my Dad and brother every year! (artistic family that we are). I want to be lazy and not, but it's tradition, darn it! ;)