Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Tried to Resist...

So about two months ago, a girl in my nursing program had a little accident in her house and ended up fracturing her foot.

She was asked to withdraw from the program.

They expect you to be in peak physical condition for the duration of the program, which includes being able to bear full weight on both feet--thus, the withdrawal of the broken foot.

This freaked out a lot of us, especially me. My husband will be the first to tell you that I'm accident prone, and while it maybe true that I trip a lot, I've never *knock on wood* broken anything or gotten seriously hurt more than a couple times (sprained my ankle jumping out of a swing when I was an elementary school tutor, but the kids thought I was awesome).

So I stopped running. I was having serious shin splint problems anyway, and the running was aggravating them to the point of constant pain--I even went to the doctor about it.

I switched my workouts to aerobics and yoga, which are great. I like them, I do.

But I miss running.

And now that the weather is cool, the siren call of the pavement is growing stronger. Running in the summer here is terrible, but as soon as the humidity breaks it's the best thing in the world.

So, here I am. About to do some power yoga and then sneak outside and go for a run. *sigh*

Please don't let me break my ankle, running gods!


Linda G. said...

Have fun! And, er, make sure you tie your shoes really well. ;)

Stina said...

I don't blame you. I couldn't give up running either. I did give it up when I was pregnant (I had to) and when I sprained my ankle and landed in a cast for four weeks, but not running just about killed me.

I'm accident prone too. A few days before my wedding, I tripped while running. Fortunately I caught myself at the last second, otherwise I wouldn't have looked too pretty on my wedding day. ;)

Jessica Lemmon said...

What Linda said!

Old Kitty said...

I am offering an extra erm.. offering to all the running gods and goddesses too for you!! Enjoy your running!! Yay!

Take care

Lola Sharp said...

Girl, please be careful.

Jon Paul said...

What Lola said, and good luck!

BTW, I had trouble with shin splints a few years back and it turned out I was buying the wrong kind of running shoes. It may be something to look into... :D

Patti said...

Fingers crossed.

I had shin splints as well, and like Jon it was the shoes. I need to replace mine.

Meredith said...

Haha, I'm totally going through the same thing (without the scary consequence of losing my spot in a nursing program). I've got an inflamed tendon in my foot, so even though it hurts horribly when I run, I can't help myself. Every few days, I'm outside running. It's amazing how much I miss it! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't hurt yourself now - you're too far into the program!

Terry Towery said...

I, too, had shin splints a few years ago and had to stop running for several weeks. Like Jon said, I found out I was wearing the wrong type of running shoe. I switched to some Nike gel soles and have had no problems since.

I hope your run went well and that you returned intact. :)

Zinn said...

I hope your run went well! I'm sure you will be careful. Or at least you will take precautions to ensure that you're okay! I wish I liked running lol, it is such good exercise, hah.

Sarah Ahiers said...

You've never broken anything? Crazy! I've broken my share of bones.
My brother was having horrible shin splints when he would go on his morning walk. He wasn't even running.
Then he went to some sort of specialty shoe store and they figured out the perfect shoes for him and the shin splints were instantly gone

Toyin O. said...

Enjoy, running is so much fun!