Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fit For Life

First off--my 25th birthday was a resounding success! Older brother and I headed to Panther Creek like I'd indicated. We did not, however, run. We hiked at a very steady clip. The entire trail, there and back, is 7 miles of absolutely gorgeous scenery. We've had amazing weather, and Saturday was no exception.

Some photos (my camera died almost right off the bat, but I was able to resurrect it for the end photo):

My brother asked for a less-cheesy smile. This is what I gave him instead.

The photo doesn't do it justice, but this entire bend of the river is walled off by stone. So cool!

This is at the very end of the hike--quite the precarious climb down, but worth it! 

All in all, a fun day in nature. I was (and still am) super sore afterward, though. We followed up with lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and cooled off with frozen margaritas. 

Recently I've decided that Evan and I need to add some more fitness into our life. Since he got the desk job, his life has become very sedentary. And while I run several times a week, I'm still not as active as I'd like to be. 

Neither of us needs to lose massive amounts of weight, but he's lost a lot of muscle that's turned into some flab, and I've got some softness in places I'd rather not. 

I've already been slowing transitioning us off red meat and more into grains (like quinoa, which I can't get enough of), but it's not been enough. Last year we did a cleanse in which we cut out all processed foods, white flour, sugar, carbs, dairy, etc. We felt really good afterward, but pretty quickly fell back into our unhealthy eating routine. 

I like to cook. A lot. But I'm severely lacking in motivation most days, and our grocery store produce section sucks big time--and there's no where else to shop. Therefore, we have a tendency to go out to eat when we don't feel like cooking, and we all know what a trap that is. 

Since our move to the new house is fairly imminent, I'm trying to empty our pantry, so I've been cooking at home about 90% of the time the past few weeks, and the difference we feel even there is amazing. I always try to cook healthy. We don't have snacks hanging around the house, except for stuff like nuts and fruit. So I figured it's gotta be the fast food junket we've been enjoying. 

I follow Women's Health Magazine (@WomensHealthMag) on Twitter, and today I saw that they're cross promoting the Fit For Life Summer Challenge with Men's Health. 

Check it out! There are some interesting things to think about in there, plus workouts for all kinds. I don't know if we're actually going to partake in the challenge itself, but I printed out the eating guide and some of the workouts. 

Are you active? How do you try to incorporate fitness into your daily routine? 


Saumya said...

Wow, your hiking trail looks gorgeous. I've been trying to increase my activity level as well and it ebbs and flows. I've found that changing my diet helped SO much. The two things that have helped a lot : eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast and having a bowl of blueberries at my desk during writing.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Great post...your big hiking adventure looks like a great time. I spend so much time inside, in my own head that I have to really work to get out and appreciate nature.

I'm trying to do the "couch to 5K" thing...but someone keeps moving the couch back into my path, so it's a slow go!

I try really hard not to eat sugar, wheat or any flour (and by extension, hydrogenated oils) and when I am "clean" I feel great--but those "bad" foods are like the little devil on my shoulder: "go ahead, you know you want me. A little bit won't hurt." And before I know it, I'm scrounging in the couch cushions for change for the vending machine...

Stephanie Lorée said...

The man and I are trying to get healthier. Again. There have been many attempts at this goal in the past.

It's hard because I have a desk job, and I write, which is more desk work. But mostly we're trying to eat at home more often, make healthier choices of food, and walk. Instead of watching a movie at night, we go for a 3.5 mile walk at our local park.

So far, so good. Best of luck to you!

TL Conway said...

The photos are beautiful!

Best of luck on this new(ish) chapter. Sounds like you know some changes right off the bat to make.

I do try to stay active. Actually, my very first half marathon is this weekend and I'm trying to remain calm about the whole thing. I too have cut out some foods, namely red meats and sweets, but the occasional bag of cookies has been known to make it home with me from the store.

Overall, the best thing I did was focus more on foods I should have (as opposed to those I shouldn't) like fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. It's helped!

Talli Roland said...

Lovely photos!

I should be WAY more active than I am. I've become quite sedentary, and while I'm lucky that I have a fast metabolism... I need to get up off my arse!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Maintaining good health is all a decision. Okay, lots of little decisions. I work out several times a week and we eat healthy at home. And only eat out once a week. Maybe.

Linda G. said...

What a beautiful trail! Glad you had such a wonderful hike on your birthday. :)

I walk, mainly. We have a nice trail not far from where I live, through the woods and along a creek. Not as spectacular as the trail you took, but it'll do for everyday walking.

Christopher said...

How pretty! I should go do some spring-time like stuff.

Old Kitty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyayayayaay!! Glad you had a brilliant time being all active in such lovely scenery with your brother!! Wonderful!!

I love your cheesy smile - more please! LOL!!

I love to cook too!! I hope once you are settled in your new home you'll continue to cook healthily and heartily!!! I'm always on the lookout for healthy recipes! Take care

James Garcia Jr said...

Happy late Birthday, Summer. I'm glad to see that you had a great day. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
I used to run between 3-5 miles a day until I got myself married to this darn laptop. I'm trying to get back out there since not all of us are 25 years old anymore. ;)
Take care.


The Words Crafter said...

Gorgeous scenery to hike through, wow!

I've cut my salt intake in half and gotten off caffeine. Next it to incorporate more exercise into my days. I'm having to take baby steps, but I've not quit so far.

Sounds like you're really doing a great job, though. Good luck with the move!

Lola Sharp said...

Dude, you are blessed to live near all that gorgeous! I would have jumped in a swam in that river...it looked yummy.

As for my eating habits? Bwahaha! Do chocolate fudge PopTarts and CocoPuffs count for healthy breakfasts?
And pizza delivery or steaks on the grill for dinner? (with chocolate cake for dessert?) And about 3-4 cups of coffee loaded with real sugar and half-and-half.

As for exercise, I garden and swim and dance and clean and surf (a few times a month). Every once in a blue moon I get a bug up my ass and hit the treadmill like, twice, and promptly forget about it and let it collect dust again.
When I'm at the beach house I walk the beach every morning and surf every day...but that isn't but a few weeks/year for now. (t-minus 3 years to full time beach living...can't wait!)

Yeah. I guess I'm not a health nut.
I *suppose* I should eat cleaner and work out regularly...but where's the fun in that?

Yay for you getting all motivated and stuff. :)


Unknown said...

Love the photos! They remind me of Northern Idaho.

I love to stay active. I come from a family of obese parents, and I saw all of the problems they had to go through because of it. I didn't want that for me or my children.

I ran my first half marathon last year and what an amazing feeling! On to a full...maybe. :)

ali cross said...

Happy belated birthday Summer! And what beautiful photographs. Wow. (I, personally, love the cheesy (or less cheesy) smile!)

I am horribly out of shape. I have lost almost all my muscle and am now pretty much all flab. It's horrible. And horrifying to see yourself go through that. I always thought I'd never get fat because I knew how to fight it, how to stave it off. Yeah, well. Never say never, I guess.

Some illnesses, and various other things, can derail you enough to lost touch with such important things like taking good care of yourself.

SO, I think you're uber smart for making this plan/change NOW, when it can become a lifestyle. I think that's how you win!

Sarah Allen said...

Great post, fantastic pictures. I must say I don't do a very good job at this, I'm definitely a sit at home reading/writing/movie-ing type of person. However, I do try to make it to the gym every now and again.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Krispy said...

Yay for having an awesome birthday, and that IS a gorgeous trail. The weather looks perfect!

Speaking of unhealthy eating, my sister and I have been such FATTIES the last week or two. I blame it on stress, but I'm really starting to feel the grossness. Can't wait for the summer weather to hit though because then it means I can go swimming (which is about as active as I get)!