Monday, February 21, 2011

Marrying My Brother (and other things I don't want to come true)

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Weird Dreams.

We all get them, right? And if you're anything like me, sometimes your dreams are so incredibly vivid that you're convinced they're real and experience true relief when you wake up.

A few weeks before I got married, I had a series of dreams in which I somehow married my brother instead of Evan. I'm not sure I'd ever experienced that kind of relief upon waking, and to cure my incest heebie-jeebies, I away'ed to a dream interpretation site. (In case you're wondering, those sorts of dreams are actually fairly common before life-altering events.)

But what about dreams that we'd really like to come true?

I'm not talking about winning the lottery or going on a Tahitian vacation with Henry Cavill.

I'm talking about the off-the-wall, goofy but potentially awesome dreams.

What's mine?

The grocery store.

Yes, you read that right: the grocery store. Something about it is linked deep to my creative unconscious. If I had a dollar for every weird, awesome, or some combination of the two dream that takes place in a grocery store, I'd already be in Tahiti with that guy ^^ (and Evan).

The dreams usually start the same way: me innocently buying groceries--usually in the beginning aisles of the store, like the bread or sometimes, in the really cool dreams, some kind of exotic-foods aisle that sadly doesn't exist here in Bumblef*ck, GA. Generally within a few minutes, I go from picking out a lovely bunch of bananas to battling pirates (real dream), finding out I'm a wizard and that the grocery store is a portal (real dream), or searching for various bombs scattered throughout the store whilst fighting off hordes of zombies and/or terrorists who also want to take my dozen eggs very badly (real dream).

Honestly, I have no idea why I dream about the grocery store so much. I'm sure Freud would have a field day with it (and the marrying-my-brother dream, for that matter).

Since I've been dreaming about grocery stores since I was a little kid, I've always, always wanted a chance to include an EPIC grocery store battle in some of my writing. Or, if not the grocery store, maybe a home improvement store, like Lowes. I mean, those aisles of shovels and pickaxes are just dying for some action, aren't they?

I'm finally writing a grocery store action sequence in the WIP. Sadly, it won't be as egg-slinging, jar-breaking awesome as my dreams would like it to be, but it'll do. It'll do.

So tell me I'm not the only crazy person who dreams about grocery stores. Am I? And if the market ain't your thang, what is? Garden Ridge? Hobby Lobby? Inquiring minds want to know! 


Tracy said...

How strange that we both posted pictures of Henry Cavill on our blogs on the same day. If I'd had a dream about a grocery store before hand it would have been even freakier. Alas, no, I don't dream about groceries.

But good for you for being able to live out a dream in fiction (the literal translation!)

Meredith said...

I keep dreaming about a mall, but none of my dreams are as exciting as yours. I'm usually just running from a murderer.

Talei said...

Funnily, I've not been dreaming much lately, or at least that I can recall right now. I did have one about flying recently, like seeing a view from above.

PS: If that dude in that pic, is like, your brother - I would totally marry him! ;)

Sarah Ahiers said...

Is it the same grocery store in each dream? I've never had a dream in a grocery store, but i do have dreams in the same "dream location" and if dream of that place i typically remember the other dreams while i'm there. So like, i'll be at the place and then i'll think "huh. Last time i was here there were zombies" or whatever.


For some reason my dreams usually take place in a weird school far away. A school I have never seen, and it's pretty creepy with the creepiest students!

Luna said...

I have a picture of that guy tucked away in my character files!

It's fun to anylize dreams. I've built up quite a collection of dream books.

I want to live in your grocery store world! My gorcery store dreams are linked with my first job, so they're kind of boring. The place has been closed for a long time, but I have a lot of fond memories of that store and time in my life. But no zombies. Unless you count rude customers.

I often have save the world, battle type dreams. I'm always fighting some sort of evil. That is a lot of work!

Good luck with your grocery store action sequence!

Katie said...

I wish I could say I've had epic dreams of grocery storey awesomeness. Sadly, I haven't. Typically, my dreams involve something trying to eat me. Lions. Zombies. Dinosaurs. My most recent dinosaur dream was interesting, though, as the T-Rex ended up turning into a person that no longer wanted to eat me but wanted me for some creepy reason - probably a serial killer. I don't know, though, 'cause I woke up before I found out. lol

A a home improvement store scene would be ballin'! If I wrote about zombies, I would totally have my characters fight off the undead in the hardware department!!!

Creepy Query Girl said...

neat dreams! Mine always take place in a family home but the strange thing is it's hardly ever my own. Sometimes it's my childhood home, or my grandmother's place. Fun post!

Sophia said...

My dreams often start at my home or at my upper school before people start hunting me or whatever. The school ones usually lead to epic adventure of your grocery store variety e.g. turning into a castle where I have to save everyone from a giant brain whose slime dissolves stuff. The home ones tend to involve me being chased by strangers or my mum and grandma with my dad occasionally joining in. Yeah, dreams are weird.
- Sophia.

Lola Sharp said...

No grocery store dream here. Besides, that would be a nightmare. As much as I LOVE food, I HATESSS grocery shopping. It's a weekly chore I despise.

I've never dreamed about marrying any relatives either.
o_0 (you, my sweet friend, are a freak ;)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't believe I have a reoccurring grocery dream. I sometimes dream my wife is suddenly not there. Not sure what's up with that. Must be paranoid or something.

Tara said...

...(and Evan). Haha! *snort

Um, OMG. I love it even more now. That's awesome ;)

Kindros said...

The only dream I've had where I was in a grocery store, I was being chased by a masked killer and we ran into a house that was being built, it was only the frame covered in plastic. When we got inside though, there were shelves everywhere and we climbed on top of one to hide.

I have crazy dreams all the time. :) Loved hearing about yours.

Old Kitty said...

I also dream about marrying my brother. That's weird. I always wake up going "bleagh!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!

Anyway, dreaming of grocery stores.. I say it's what you feel while your dreaming this that counts!!! If you were feeling happy dreaming about grocery stores then erm... they represent your many varied choices at erm.. bargain prices!!!

Ok!! I'm clutching at straws so I am now going away!! Take care

Emily Davidson said...

I've totally dreamed about marrying my brother. It's one of those experiences so disturbing that you're cringing for the next three days. I empathize.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I am detecting a theme, here, and it's not about grocery stores. It's that guy...he keeps showing up on people's blogs. It's like, you are in high school, and Henry Cavill sits next to you, and you look down, and bam, you're naked, but is Henry Cavill, and he totally wants you, even though he might have been like...not even born when you were in high school...
Sorry. Got a little distracted there.

Unknown said...

You're allowed to dream - no matter how strange it is. As writer's we remain weird (aka AWESOME) and some things are better to not be explained!

I love crazy weird dreams!

Colene Murphy said...

HA! I was all excited, thinking THAT was your brother. Was going to see when I could come over for a family dinner. And if a wedding dress would be appropriate attire. Ehem.

You know, you really made me feel a lot better with your recurring grocery thing. I have a recurring mall. I have never been to any like this and something bad usually happens in it(always different with different people), but it's always this same mall.
At least now I know it isn't too unusual!

Linda G. said...

I would LOVE to read a book with an epic grocery store battle! I think you should write it immediately.

Ann said...

Well that sounds like one exciting grocery store! I had three dreams last night/this morning. All were fun and interesting. None included my brother or yours! Happy Dreaming!

jen said...

thank you for clearing up the brother dream.
The recurring grocery store dream would drive me to look it up (which i did, and it's hysterical and up for massive amounts of interpretation)

I'll have to put some thought into what my recurring dream is, but I have some dooseys....which usually become books.

Swinging by to say hi from the hop, and follow so I don't miss anything!
The Survival Mama

Catherine Denton said...

Grocery store? Interesting. Mine is the balcony of a church I went to as a very small child.

Guinevere said...

I like the idea of grocery store dreams... those sound fun. I don't really have a recurring dream setting.

I did, however, have a story where I wrote a couple having a torrid break-up (complete with produce damage) in a grocery store, and I love that scene. Something about the store setting is just fun!

Misha Gerrick said...

I tend to dream about people and situations I don't know.

Of course, the situations and people really feed my creativity, because I always wonder what would happen next.


Nicole McLaughlin said...

I love dreams and oddly have found that since I started taking Zinc supplements a few months ago that my dreams are much more vivid. I dream every night in fact. (This is not the reason I take these pills!)

I love the grocery store theme...I don't think I have a theme but I sure as heck wish it included Henry damn. Him in the Tudors drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!