Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm In Your Windooz, Lookin at Your Wordz

I've been scattered lately...I mentioned that last post, I think (see? proof). I haven't had a strong blogger presence, though part of that is because I made the switch to the Dark Side (Google Reader) and am too lazy to do all the work for comments. Sorry.

But I feel out of the loop.

So, tell me: what's happening? 

Lot of folks are gearing up for NaNoWriMo. 
Some folks are getting ready for book releases (looking at you, Alex & Talli). 
And hopefully a ton of writing going on... ? 

Maybe you've put out your Halloween/Samhain decorations, or maybe you're having difficulty deciding between miniature Twix or Snickers for the trick or treaters this year? 

This hermited, lonely, crazy-cat/ web-stalker-lady wants to know. 

In the least-creepy way possible, of course. 


Hannah said...

I use google reader too but take the time to comment when I must. I've been a worse blogger than you! LOL!

I'm prepping for NaNo. Writing Halloween posts, working like crazy at the "day job", and I just started going to the gym regularly so that's cutting into my time as well. Basically I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So...the usual.

Old Kitty said...

Google Reader is Pants.


Awwwww - stalk away!! Why not?

Yes lots of writerly bloggers are doing this Nanowrimo and Nanoblomo (I think I got that right?) thing and I'm so interested to see how the nanowrimo thing pans out as I'm not really familiar with it - this being my first time - yes I'm a virgin nano-ette!

I was just commenting in Melinda Syzmanik's blog how I tend to write one story per two months if I'm really focused - so you get an idea of my pacing - snail like almost to a crawl. I'm always in awe at writers able to churn out stuff every hour and it's amazing. But it so not me!

Blogging on the otherhand..!! :-)

Take care

Lola Sharp said...

Google reader IS Pants! (that's a bad word in Old Kitty language and I loves it) (but hates google makes commenting a pain in the ass)

Have a safe and fabulous trip this weekend. :)

Unknown said...

All's good in my universe! Finished my contest entry short and think it's pretty good...we'll see. Have a great weekend out of town -- take pics and share with us!

Hi to Evan!

Sarah Ahiers said...

omg that is so true about google reader! I read tons of blogs, but i actually only take the time to comment on about half of them. It makes me feel a bit like a jerk

Belle Wong said...

I'm on Google Reader too - love the ease but definitely makes me less inclined to comment! I'm one of those gearing up for NaNoWriMo now. Loved the pic!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

See? You do know what's going on!

Unknown said...

I am trying to come up with an idea for NaNoMoWrit, trying to adjust to becoming a day person again, learning to have a relationship with someone besides my son, and making my costume for Halloween. How is that for a mouth full. Also went from two jobs to three back to two jobs again. Hopefully November will be slower.

Shelley Sly said...

Ah, I know firsthand, that's what Google Reader does to ya...

I just found beta readers for my latest novel. Once we're finished exchanging and I make some changes, I'll be sending off queries! Hoping to get to that point before December. We'll see.

Grammy said...

Hi, Summer! Been a while since I have been to see you, but thought I would drop in on you to see how things are going. I am not a serious writer (nothing published except for my posts - but am an avid reader of books.) The nanowrimo sounds interesting but would take more dedication than I have. More power to all of you writers, and best regards to you. Ruby

The Words Crafter said...

Love the kitty-pic! It seems to be the season for scattered. There's no other way to describe myself and nearly everyone I know.

Hope your Friday has been good and your weekend is even better!

Melissa Hurst said...

I've been looking for cheap Halloween costumes for three kids. Not an easy task! Also trying to decide if I'm going to do Nano this year.

Crystal Cook said...

Hey lady. :) It's been a long time since I've 'talked' to you! I hope you're feeling less scattered, I looked at your crochet post and it was so cool! I crochet too, but not all that often. Every fall I get the urge though. Weird huh?

I've been a bad blogger too. And a bad writer, this week I didn't write a thing! I hate it. Nano is starting to scare the pants off me, how will I make the time!

Miss you :)

penandpaints said...

Love your blog photo with kitty on your lap, that's just how my tabby, Mischa lies, with paws curled up like a bunny, so cute!

Jamie Gibbs said...

Google Reader has been taunting me for the past 2 weeks with the 200+ blog posts I need to catch up on (i've been offline for the past 2 weeks while I change cities and finish my Egyptology dissertation), and I'm finally starting the long process of catch up :)

I still haven't thought of a costume for Hallowe'en! Though I may be taking part in a zombie walk, which'll make the choice a lot easier :P

Margo Berendsen said...

Buzz about Alex's book has brought me to your blog... and still chuckling over Restless Brain Syndrome (I call it Restless Writer Syndrome) in your last post. I've got the same thing as I am counting down to NaNo. Trying to tie up all the loose ends and I keep telling myself I need to sit down and interview my characters before take off on Nov 1, but I can't get our schedules to mesh :)

DEZMOND said...

nobody told me that kitten is reading my blog! I'll put out some milk for her/him next time :)

We don't have Halloween here in my country so I envy you on the crazy costumes, chocolate poisoning and trick or treating :)