Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Round Here

Late August in Georgia is still blazing hot.
Not quite as hot as July, mostly, but still hot as Hades. And the humidity reaches all new levels.

It's awesome. No, really. I love sweating in five seconds or less. And my hair? Let's just say that those of us with curly hair really love it. Really.


It's obvious from my blog background, but I'm ready for fall. So ready. We had an unusually cold winter and were so ready for warm weather this year, but like the fickle folk we are, warm weather is now boo. Cooler weather now, please. kthnx.

Along with the desire for fall, I have been waxing some serious sentiment for NaNoWriMo the last week or so. I love the holidays, and since NaNo falls around the holidays, I guess it's just a big ol' brew of happy, y'know?

I have no clue what I'll be doing for NaNo this year so far. A few ideas have been drifting around in my head, but nothing that really reaches out and slaps me. I like to write sci-fi in the cold months. Don't ask me why...just one of my idiosyncrasies, I guess. Unfortunately, neither of the ideas I've considered for NaNo are sci-fi--not even close. I'm not worried about it yet--plenty of time between now and then (67 days, right? Oh shit.)

But I'll tell you this much: I am super pumped to have more friends doing NaNo this year! And by friends, I mean all you crazy people, of course! The progress bar speaks to the video gamer in me, and I love nothing more than to race for wordcount. So fun!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year? Are you pumped?? 
Are you ready for cooler weather??? Are you going to send me snow this year???? 

PS: If you're in the NaNo spirit like I am, go ahead and buddy me! My username is summerbp 

Two naughty kitties want you to do NaNoWriMo


Hannah said...

I love fall! It's my most favorite. And since we get six months of winter with temps way below that zero mark, I'm eager and also full of dread.

I have curly hair two. HIGH FIVE!

Christine Danek said...

I do like warm weather but the humidity is getting to me so bring on fall. I have curly hair too--yeah humidity. I have never done NaNoWriMo. I will have to see I'm not sure I'm ready for the pressure.
Love the photo of the kitties--way too cute.
I will send you snow if we get. I really don't like it.

Liza said...

Don't know about nano...but we'll see what inspiration the next month brings. Love the kitty pic.

Lisa Miles said...

I'm planning on doing NaNo! Upstate NY has had one of the hottest, most humid summers in a long time. I can't wait for fall!

Jayne said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year - the smell of the air, the changing colours, the fashions - everything about it sings to my soul.

I haven't done NaNo (yet) although love the premise. I might mosey on over to the website and see what you have to do to sign up - might get my butt into gear on the second story I want to write!

Saumya said...

As a fellow Georgia girl, I totally feel your pain and yearn for fall!! I love your background!!

Lola Sharp said...

Dude. It's been the hottest, muggiest summer evah. I usually love summer, but I'm OVER IT this year. YES to autumn. Hell yes.

And you know I'm doing nano. I'll race ya. :)

LOVE THE KITTY picture! How many times did you pose them back there to get that shot?

Love you,

Shelley Sly said...

I am so ready to get rid of the nasty humid heat and dive into fall.

I've never done NaNo and thought about doing it this year, but it all depends on how busy I am with work and family obligations. I'll probably play it by ear -- if October goes well, I'll jump in last minute.

Adorable kitty picture!!

Matthew MacNish said...

Nano is not my kind of thing, plus I have too much work left to do on my current WiP but I will cheer all my friends who take part on! W00t

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I was ready for fall in May.

I'm glad NaNo is not in October, as it would be impossible for me to participate. November might be do-able.

Kittens are in your bookshelf, devouring your books!

Old Kitty said...

Noooo!! Your name is Summer!! LOL!! I do like summer - but summers here in England is like one or two really hot days and the rest some sun and most likely RAIN! LOL!!! I like weather where I can wear sandals - free my feet from shoes/boots/socks. :-)

Good luck with the Nanowrimo thingy!! It sounds like fun!! I'm on the fence with this one - I'm super slow with my current wip - but we'll see - thanks for the invite!!

I shall of course cheer you on!! Sci-fi for winter sounds great!

Hugs to the sweet sweet kitties!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously considering NaNo, if only to add 50k more to my WIP, which I'm sure won't be finished by then. I'll be sure and buddy up if I do.

That didn't sound dirty, did it?

Charity Bradford said...

This will be my third year! I'm pumped. This will also be the first year I start with an outline. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I'll add you to my buddy list. I'm on there as solstice1974 if you want to add me. :D I'm also ML for my area, fun fun!

Jemi Fraser said...

I've done NaNo the past 2 years, but I don't know if I can do it this year. It's a crazy time at school and I'm still working on a revision of my last wip. I'll decide closer to the time.

DL Hammons said...

Fall - Yes (please)
NaNo - No!


Grammy said...

Hi, Summer! I'm trying to get back on track since my husband's passing a month ago, but it is taking time. Guess I won't be participating in the NaNo, but it sounds quite interesting. See you around. Ruby

The Words Crafter said...

I am sooooo sorry you guys are still sweltering. We've actually had a little break in the heat and the humidity. Glad, too, cuz it makes being sick worse. Love the pic of the kitties, they look like they're spying. Wish I had a big ole fan to blow some of this less hotness your way!

Crystal Cook said...

Yay for Nano!! I'm excited!! I'll be crazy all month long but it'll be fun.

We had fall weather for like two days, then back to the 90s. Which is better than the hundreds but still. . . Way. too. hot.

i feel your pain!

Joan Crawford said...

Look at those kitties! Is that an Ikea bookcase? 'Cause I totally have the same one in the dark wood color.

I hate Summer! Summer Time! Not you, Crazy Lady. I love the Fall the best and then all of the other seasons in descending order from there.

By the way, that pic of you with Nicole're completely adorable. And yes, perhaps you are a *little awkward*, but it only adds to your charm.

Unknown said...

I don't think I'll be doing NaNo myself this year, but I'll be cheering you on!

I arrived in NY last night. It's COLD here! Feels like late October in GA. It's kinda nice...but I only brought sleeveless clothing.

Just created a FB page, sending you a friend request :D Be back on Monday. Have a great weekend!

PS -- Those kitties are TOO CUTE!!

Jessica Lemmon said...

FALL. BRING IT! So ready, fall's my fave time of year. The smells! The leaves! The Halloween costumes! It's too much to resist. My office is decorated with a fall leaves border, so it's fall in there all the time.

NaNoWriMo... I'm undecided. Perhaps I should decide. What do you like about doing this? I'm a newbie!

Summer Frey said...

@Joan: Me too! My parents totes should have named me Winter. I'm more of a Winter than Summer, anyway...I'm going to try and not be so awkard next time, but I have photo-fear. I'm always awkward-looking.

@Jessica: NaNo is so fun! If you like torture. Basically, if you really want to put some serious wordage in on your novel, then I'd do it. There's a fun sense of community in the forums, and if you're on FB, there are some groups there too. Also, depending on where you live, there can be local write-ins and all sorts of activities. :) This will be my third year. So fun!

Talli Roland said...

I love these kitties! I want to eat them up!

If you want cold weather, just come to London. I swear, it's August and you'd think it's freakin' October. And it's raining! All the time!

RosieC said...

So cute!!

I'm on for NaNoWriMo, and I just added you to my buddies list. There's still plenty of time to come up with an idea :)

Cruella Collett said...

Ohmigosh, you must STOP posting these cute kitten pictures that completely throw me off each time I see them. Can I have one? I want one! They are so cute, cute, cute! And they like books too? I DEFINITELY want one!

Aaahnd for NaNo I really wish it was two months later. My thesis is due November 19th, so I think we all know what that means for any prospects of writing fiction that month. Maybe I should sign up anyway, though, just for the sake of the motivation emails...?

Anyway, good luck with coming up with your NaNo project. I'm sure it will be awesome. And fall will come. It definitely has in Norway. Rain, rain, rain. Grey clouds. More rain. Cold. But there is also the benefit of hot tea, blankets, slippers, soup... Yeah, I like fall too :)

Ann Best said...

In Northern Virginia in humidity like you are, I'm definitely ready for cooler weather too.

I lost you somewhere way back 5 mos. ago when I first started blogging. Now I've re-found you. I like to follow young people like you; your energy energizes me!

Keep up the good writing!

Elana Johnson said...

I love fall too. It's so nice not to be so dang hot all the time. And the air conditioning bill? Yikes.

And NaNo?? Uh... *trembles* Maybe? Will you take a maybe?

Jm Diaz said...

Being a fellow Georgian, I too an axious for some cooler weather. I don;t have the curly fact, I shaved it all off again, but some fall-time is overdue. I'm not sure If I'm doing NaNo this year... still thinking about. How much prep do I need?

Unknown said...

I just found your blog and I was so excited to read someone else equally as pumped about NaNoWriMo. I've been going through serious withdrawals recently. But now that you say it's only 67 days away (or 65 days since I see that you wrote this post on Wednesday!), I'm getting the jitters. Last year was my first attempt at it and I had a blast. I'm thinking through some ideas for this year, but haven't settled on one yet.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Curly-haired girls unite!


Guinevere said...

I'm not looking forward to cooler weather, but I am looking forward to NaNo! I'll look you up on there!

Maggie May said...

that kitten photo is too. cute.
i have a thing for both novels and kittens, so there you go.

Unknown said...

Fall- More Than ready
NaNo- But of course. I got hooked when I did it last year. I haven't a clue on what I am doing. About to put the countdown thing up on my writing blog. Going to send you a buddy invite in just a few :)under K.D.Storm :)

Jamie Gibbs said...

Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Summer! Hope you have a blast! I'm tempted to give it a shot, but after slogging out a 20,000 word dissertation I'm not sure I'll have enough active brain cells to participate, hehe. I'm looking forward to see how you get on, though :)

Luna said...

I haven't done NaNo since '06, but you never know. Good luck with your idea search. I'm sure it will rock!

I love the kitties and books picture. Two of my favorite things!

Fall is my favorite season, so I am definitely ready. Oh, and I would gladly send you some Upstate NY snow!

Have a great week!

Dayana Stockdale said...

I live in Hawaii, which does not love my hair! To do or not to do NaNoWriMo, I have yet to decide. It is my birthday month, so I have to go into it wholeheartedly because birthday months deserve extra love and respect.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I love Nano! Won five years now. With a little guy that's not even a month old yet and another one who's not yet two, I don't know about this year though. I'll try my best though.