Friday, August 13, 2010

I'll Put a Spell On You

ZOMG! Write On! Con is over! NFW!

Done with the acronyms now.

Dudes, I hope you took full advantage of WOC--I know I did. And the learning! Lordie mercy, my brain be full. Especially the revision-related stuffs. 'Twas awesomeness.

This is a perfect introduction without even meaning to be. Also, it is Friday the 13th! Very fitting! Indeed!

Yesterday my favorite vodka-swiller, Simon Larter, bestowed upon me a very fantabulous award:

I guess I'm a "certain case."

(I'll copy this part from Simon, because I'm strange and lazy):

See, this is part of a contest being run by Cate Gardner, whose book of short stories, Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits, is forthcoming from Strange Publications. To enter, all one does is pass along the award to other strange types and let Cate know about it to be entered for one of two prize packages (rules here).

Now now now, I pass it on! To other strangers! (hehe) 

  • Hannah Kincade, of Musings of a Palindrome. I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth, 5 years apart. Don't ask how it happened--it's strange, people! 
  • Falen/Sarah, of Falen Formulates Fiction. Also, to George & Yvie. All pretty fucking strange folks. (You're welcome, Sarah. Hehe) 
  • Lola Sharp, of Sharp Pen/Dull Sword. She is Strange & Beautiful (I'll put a spell on you). Kudos if you get that reference. 

Simon only did three, so I will too. Because he is my role model in everything I do. Except that one thing. 

Announcements next week. 


Hannah said...

LOL!! We so totally were!! If my brain was not so completely tired, I could come up with something wittier. I almost spelled that what does that tell you?

*roundhouse kick to the air* *tuck and roll out of the room*

Lola Sharp said...

Yes--Write On Con was badass! I don't even write YA (or kid lit) and I enjoyed and gleaned and had my mind blown.

And I LOVE Aqualung and that song! So much. I write to it all the time. And I never posted or told you that---how'd you know???

Thank you, sweet, lovely, fellow-strange friend for bestowing this award upon me. :) I'm honored.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Know you are loved.

Anonymous said...

Well, *that* was a fast turnaround, good lady! It is a cool award, though. And it's a good thing I'm not your role model in that one thing. Yeah. That would be awkward.

Sarah Ahiers said...

*roundhouse kick to the air* *tuck and roll out of the room*

effing awesome. also, FTW

YAY! Wonderful! And the swear was so precious. I think i will bundle him, rock him to sleep and call him Osmo (what a weird name i just picked, right?)

Old Kitty said...

NFW? What is NFW?

Yes, I am still catching up with WriteonCon (I'm a gate-crasher, sorry!) as Ms Shannon was kind enough to put up most of the text on her blog - thank you!

CONGRATULATIONS with your Strange women in pinstrip suite award!!! Go forth and celebrate your strangeness!! Indeed! Yay!

take care

Summer Ross said...

NFW- trying to decode that one. I wasn't able to get into write on con, very bummed by that fact :(

Jules said...

I too did not make WriteOn Con :( But congrats on the award, I just got my first, made me dance. :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

While I'm not fooled by the kitten photos, I still don't think you are that strange.

Christine Danek said...

Congrats on that one. I wasn't fooled by the kitty photos either and you're not that strange or are you?:)
Have a great weekend!

LP said...

the dinosaur had a flashlight and it lighted it upon my tiki man, causing an inferno and a crashing of rejuvenated excitingness

Cruella Collett said...

Congratulations on your award, and glad you enjoyed WriteOnCon! Also - your background image makes me almost okay with the fact that fall is upon us. Almost.

Unknown said...

Your strangeness rocks!!!! I love this award as well as those you awarded it to!! Well deserved Summer!

Reminder - Guess that character blogfest this Thursday and Friday! Look forward to seeing what you post!

The Words Crafter said...

Congratulations on your award and that sounds like an interesting book.