Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As you may or may not be aware, last week I completed the first draft of my second novel, Saving Me. I thought it might be fun to do another giveaway to celebrate, and it also ties in nicely with being at almost 250 followers (wow!)

Since the novel is set here in the dirty South, I really wanted the little giveaways to represent that, but then I figured that nobody really wanted a jar of red clay, mosquitoes, and a bottle of 100 degree/100% humidity air.

So I thought I'd do something revision-related.

I'd love to give everyone a pony, but Evan and I are still pinching pennies, so here's what the prize be:

Sorry the photo is dark, but the flash kept glaring out some of the stuff, so here's what's what:

1. Eats Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss
2. A cute little "Great Ideas" memo pad
3. A plaque that will no doubt speak to all of us...
4. And a bag of Green & Black's organic dark chocolate (70% cacao)--because we could all use some chocolate sometimes, right?

I will use randomizer.org to choose the winner. Or maybe I'll number all the grass in my yard, then see which one survives after the mowers come. Or...maybe I'll let a kitten pick. That would be awesome.

Here be the Rules of Engagement:

1. Must be a follower
2. Must be a human*
3. Must be in the US/Canada (sorry)
4. Must agree that Picard was the best Star Trek captain*
5. Must like cheese*

Here be how To Enter:

1. For ONE point: be a new follower! As in, after today!
2. For TWO points: be an old follower! Don't be fooled--the scent of mothballs is SEXY!
3. Tell me what you'd do first if HOLODECKS were real!
4. Pet a fuzzy kitten--if none is available, pretend.
5. FOR FIVE POINTS: tell me something about the Deep South, whether or not it may be true


1. You don't have to pimp me on Twitter/Facebook/your blog. But please feel free.
2. IF you win, don't eat all the chocolate at one time.

I'm not fancy enough for a Mr. Linky, so just do it...in the comments. Group-like.


Also, I don't have a fancy giveaway title. So if you DO decide to give me pimpage, please give me an awesome one. Thanks.

PS: Stay tuned tomorrow for a special photo op of ME and this guy:

*These aren't really necessary, but kudos if you meet these parameters! 


Anne Gallagher said...

Jean Luc was the sexiest captain alive (excluding Sully Sullenberger). I love me some Brie. My cat's name is Henri. (I've got this French theme going.)

In the deep south prejudice still runs rampant against the north. Where I am anyway. And that's true.

7 points and I will be pimping you on my blog.

Old Kitty said...

Cap'n Janeway was the best star captain ever!!!! She ROCKED!

Good luck with everyone entering this fab giveaway!!!

And well done you again for finishing your novel - yay!!

Take care

j.m. neeb said...

Let's see...

I'm an old follower. (Although, I just like to think of myself as "seasoned" instead of "old.")

I'm a human who lives in Michigan (still part of the U.S.), but was raised in Wisconsin (so you have to know that means I love cheese...).

Jean-Luc was a fine captain. The best, though? Eh, I'd give him the nod right now, but am intrigued by the new kid from the movie. Let's see him in a couple of films, though, before officially allowing him into the conversation.

If Holodecks were real? Hmmmm. Is this a family-friendly blog? (I'm going to assume "yes" and, thus, my answer will be "fight Chuck Norris," instead of something less family-friendly.)

I hugged my cat, the lovable Kitty Meow, this morning and petted her while she ate some food! (Uh, but let's not tell anyone, for the sake of my masculinity...)

In the Deep South, the winters are absolutely nothing compared to the hell we endure up here!!

Liza said...

Yes, Picard! Yes cheese. My cats name is Winkie and she just purred when I petted here. If holodecks were real, I'd visit my sister in Australia. Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah, GA is lovely...I know, I'm weird, but I just like gravestones...

Hannah said...

The deep south is the exact opposite of where I am. I'm in the shallow north?

1. Must be a follower

Been there done that.

2. Must be a human*

Sure but I will not submit to testing!!

3. Must be in the US/Canada (sorry)

Does this mean the US is the same as Canada now?? :P

4. Must agree that Picard was the best Star Trek captain*

Uh, duh! He's like the best bald man eva too.

5. Must like cheese*

My bowels will testify to that. Is it too early for poop jokes? Oh well.

I think that's like a million. Yup, put me in for a million. kthxbai!

Rebecca T. said...

Old follower!



Picard was of course, the only captain to baldly go where no one had gone before... (yeah, I kind of modified that quote from one by Robert Picardo, but I think it's funny :)

Cheese! (no need to say more. Oh, wait. I just did. Oops)

I would totally do one of those old-timey detective things on the holodeck!

Pretend fuzzy kittehs!

The deep south comes further north than most people realize (I grew up in a small town in northern VA. I know this to be true!)

I will try to think of an awesome contest name!

So that's like 7 points I think? Unless there were invisible points in there somewhere...

DL Hammons said...

I'm so old I actually know what mothballs are. If Holodecks were real I'd be a millionaire by being the first one to adapt HALO to it. I did pet something fuzzy. And in the deep south...POP is the sound of a firecracker going off...not a soft drink.

Chalk me up for 7 points. :)

Unknown said...

I'd love red clay!!!! Why wasn't it offered??? I don't know if I've ever seen it!!!

Great other prizes... I love how different they are!

meeyeehere said...

Ahhhhhh,I follow you and I can not agree about the star trek thing,sorry I am a big fan of old star trek and I just can't okay! Ah.New follower.Cheese is the bomb. I will be eating all the chocolate at once if I won,sorry.
Now, I can tell you lots about the deep south,I live in Mississippi. So,the deep south has lots of dragonflies,did you know that dragonflies eat butterflies???We have lots of mosquitoes and moonpies.It does snow down south.Last bit of southern knowledge would be to tell you that we have fireflies in the summer and that rocks!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay Yay Yay for Giveaway-ay-ays!
That's a song i wrote just for you ;)

Hells yeah Picard is the best captain. "The line must be drawn HERE!"
also, cheese FTW
aaannnd if there were holodecks (wouldn't that be awesome? Our novels could be holodeck stories!!!) i'd probably start out with some alone time with Adrien Brody, if you get my drift...

One thing i love about the deep south is the possibility for awesome cryptids, such as skunkape and chupacabras and sasquatch. we don't really have any cryptids up here except for giant cats (which are typically just escaped exotics)

7 points for me!

Lola Sharp said...

Old follower-2
CHEESE!!!!-Hells YES.
I still like me some old-school (before I was born) TV Star Trek, when Shatner was young and tribbles were so low tech they were funny...and cute.

In the deep south, one calls it a 'Cocola', not a Coke. One should expect slaw on your burger/bbq sandwich. (yum) And, Katy bar the doors, if you don't love you some charming euphemisms, get off the off the porch.-5

7 points...and of course I'll pimp you, hooker. (said in my Lafayette voice.)


Tiffany Neal said...

I'm a human, cheese eating, cat petting, old follower who lives in the south and travels only by horse on the dirt path roads that lead to the only convienent store miles on down the road.

Phew. That was a doozy.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't worry about entering me, but I will place your contest in my sidebar. Congratulations, Summer!
Oh, and I don't need a pony, either.

Crystal Cook said...

Okay first of all, the scent of mothballs is SEXY!!!! ROFL!!! Seriously.

And Summer you know I'm a little simple minded, so I had to go look up what a holodeck is and I still don't get it!! The only Star Trek I've ever seen was the new movie that came out last year. I thought it was cool.

Wait a minute is Picard (?) Professor X?? What's his name. . . Patrick Stewart? If so then yes, I agree. If not, well then I hope you enjoyed a good laugh at my crazy blonde comment.

Something about the deep south. . . hmmmm. . . I have been trying to make grits the way my husband had them in Georgia and I just can't ever get it right. Does that count? And the first book I read that was southern literature was The Prince of Tides.

I like cheese, but have no kitty. I shall pretend. Hold on a minute. All done!

And I'll give you a good shout out on my blog :) All done now with this epic comment. Have a great day!

Matthew MacNish said...

Dude, do you guys have this same stupid ugly Bermuda grass at your house that is yellow and ugly and dormant all winter? Yuck.

All Next Generation peeps are the best but Jean-Luc is the double best! Did you know that he (Patrick Stewart the Actor, not Jean-Luc Picard, the Character) played the voice of the Emperor in the Intro the The Elder Scrolls, Oblivion? AWESOME.

Anyway congrats on the followers! I'm an old one so give me points for that please.

Talli Roland said...

Great contest! I can't enter 'coz I'm across the pond, but I wish everyone else the best of luck!

And yay for finishing drafts! I wish I could celebrate that. I'm pulling my hair out!

Erica Mitchell said...

Nice giveaway :) I'm also in the hotter'n'hell south. *sweating* that makes me human right? Oldish follower. CHEESE. and totally Pickard. Hmm on the other and if they were real I would be rich or something. About the south, Haint Blue paint keeps the spirits from getting in the house and has no effect on keeping bees from making a nest in the porch.
Congrats again!

The Words Crafter said...

I'm a seasoned follower.


My kitty is on the arm of my chair as I'm typing.

Picard was the best TV captain. Love the new movie one...

Love cheddar cubes with pepper jack cubes and some red grapes...

If holodecks were real, I'd go to Ireland!!!!

In the deep south-it is ingrained in women to be polite. We drink lots of iced tea. And we talk slow so that Yankees can understand us (jk!!!).

And I will link you, probably tomorrow...

Thanks for the opp and congrats on finishing!

Victoria Dixon said...

I am a human being, Picard but only because there WERE four lights, Cheddar, Brie, Camembert (I feel a Monty Python skit coming on) it's all good.

1. new follower
2. Create my novel's setting in 3-d detail, what else? I'd probably people it, too. ;D
3. Kitten. Check.
4. I don't know if Oklahoma counts as "deep," but it's where I grew up and despite my eagnerness to leave, it calls me back and is still in an undefinable way, home. Red clay has a deep, strong voice.
I think that counts as 6 points, whot?

Anonymous said...

1. Old follower. Like, getting rheumatism and bowel issues old. Really old. I blame my answers to the rest of these questions on rapidly advancing senility. (2 pts.)

2. If holodecks were real, let's just say you wouldn't want to go in there with me. It'd probably look a lot like Underworld (the movie, that is, not Hades, mainly because I don't know what Hades looks like). And then I'd probably shoot some stuff and maybe play with katanas and such, before kicking back with an alcoholic beverage and relaxing with a bevy of vamps. Also, I'd probably cast Simone Simons as a vampire. Yes.

3. *pretends to pet fuzzy kitty* *bites tongue*

4. The only thing that could tempt me to live in the Deep South is the promise of a functioning holodeck. (5 pts.)

I get 7 pts. for being old as hell and reeking of sexy mothballs. Also, cheese is FTW, and Picard is indubitably the best Star Trek captain.

Also, I feel dirty with this group commenting thing. You hussy, you.

Guinevere said...

I will pet my fuzzy kitties who are now overgrown kittens... does that count?

Old follower!

And I could have agreed about Picard until the emergence of hot-and-delicious Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. I know I just made him sound like a cheeseburger - but I really like cheesebugers.

Aaand if I had a holodeck, I'd use it to take the young Captain Kirk to the dirty south! There we'd like, sip sweet tea and eat fried green tomatoes in one of those big ol' mansions and then go for a horseback ride down a nice gothic-looking lane. (I say this even though my only real experience wit the south has been, ya know, Augusta).

Shelley Sly said...

What an awesome giveaway!

I'm a human follower from the U.S., and while I've only seen clips here and there of Picard, I do like him. :) And I love cheese.

+2 Old Follower
+5 In the Deep South, people (but not all people) are supposedly nicer than they are up here. I live in Maryland, and it seems like every day people are leaving here and moving to the Carolinas or Georgia in order to get away from "Northern rudeness".

And I pet my fuzzy kitty, Zoe. :)

Unknown said...

Well crap, I don't even think I'm elagable. I am a human follower that lives in the US, but I've never watched star trek and i'm lactose intolerant. Fooy

If you'll let me play anyway, i'm a new follower (1 point)

Since I never watch star trek I had to google holodeck to figure out what it was, so i really don't know what i'd do first, maybe brush up on my klingon.

And for my deep south fact. I went to a summer camp in the south as a kid, and there was a local kid who had a gunrack on his go-cart so he could take is bee-bee gun with him. Talk about a red neck in training.

Unknown said...

Okay I will go with the Picard was the best captain since he was the reason I started watching to begin with. I always pet my kitten Muse (She sits on my lap while I write). I was following you before there were prizes to be given a way. (Up to seven points as of now). I am human (So they have told me-LMAO)

Holodecks- I would go somewhere cooler (weather wise) since I am melting here in middle georgia (Which btw would be cheaper to send my prize to since I am not that far from you)

Deep South Fact- The deep south is the home of very creative people. I mean we gave the world Travis Tritt, Gladys Knight, Little Richard, Gone With The Wind, and of course G.R.I.T.S. :) (Southern Girls know what this means :p

Unknown said...

Oh and there isn't a meal that I have that cheese isn't somehow a part of it :)

Castor said...

I'm number 250!