Monday, May 3, 2010

More Plants, baby (lots of photos)

Oh, the freedom of naming this post whatever I want! No more letters!!


My in-laws came over on Saturday night for a little visitation, and they brought gifts!

Jackmanii clematis + cool trellis obelisk 

They also brought some stargazer lilies, but I'll provide photos of those later in the summer, when they're actually blooming. Then we cooked out...

New York strip steaks, yellow pepper, zucchini, asparagus, green onions. It was amazing. 

And then on Sunday, E and I decided to get a couple more plants, mainly a patio cherry tomato and a pot so I could move the squash from its too-shady location to up on the patio with the other vegetables. 

L to R: new cherry plant, (big planter) roma tomato, thyme, greek oregano, (on plant stand) chocolate mint, basil (in the orange pot), and my itty-bitty squashes

But we can never just stop at what we came for. Also, E was feeling a bit left out in the plant selection process, so I told him to pick out a few that he liked. So we came away with two Euphorbia "Silver Swan" and two Arenaria Montana Sandwort. 

Full spread of the front bed.

Euphorbia Silver Swan. Interesting-looking plant, huh? 

This is the part-sun bed. The blue borage is doing great (left). Oh, and my father-in-law also bought me a lupine, which is the bushy plant in the middle with the droopy white stalk. The two little greens flanking it are the Montana Sandwort, and we're hoping they'll grow up when the lupine dies. Also, you can see the meadow sage I added in the corner, as well as the sad, pathetic gardenia that we transplanted to the shade bed. 

The mystery bulbs that I may or may not have mentioned a month ago during my first garden post did turn out to be elephant ears. They're growing quite nicely. 

And I also got some new houseplants:

Light's kinda bad, but this is my new peace lily. 

This is the poor fittonia that I've been torturing for the past 2 years. Please don't judge me. I think it's going to be feeling better soon. But how cool is that planter? :-) I also got a dracaena "Janet Craig compacta," but I didn't take a photo. It's my new office plant. :-) 

My birthday is this Friday, May 7. I will be turning 24, because I know you're wondering... ;-)
So expect lots of selfish, me-centric posts this week in honor of the auspicious occasion. 


Matthew MacNish said...

Boy does that look good. There is nothing quite like bell peppers on the grill. My favorite are the orange ones, but yellow are damn good too.

Stina said...

Hmmm. I'm hungry now. Wonder if I have time to whip up that meal for breakfast. :)

Anne Gallagher said...

Beautiful plants! Mine from last year are doing wonderfully, and as I learn how to use my new camera, you're going to get an eyeful!

India Drummond said...

Ooh, I love the planter in that first photo... gorgeous!

Mia Hayson said...

You've made me hungry for a BBQ now ;~) And also those plants look great! I wish mine looked that healthy and prettyn :~)

Aubrie said...

I love green onions! I'm glad to see some vegetables on the grill. :)

I also like the tree obelisk.

Bish Denham said...

Nice, very nice!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Okay, now I'm hungry!

We worked around the letters so long, I hope I can remember how to do it without them.


Beautiful plants , I do hope your birthday don't go unnoticed.
It's mine next week on the same day as my granddaughters'Though now I think I want to forget about birthdays(Mine).
Enjoyed your post,
Have a good day,

Talli Roland said...

Your plants are gorgeous - as was your dinner! Yum yum!

Happy birthday week. You should be egocentric! Enjoy!

Old Kitty said...


What absolutely lovely plants - a great mixture of herbs and vegetables and just pretty flowery ones. Wonderful.

Your plant bed at the front looks really lovely and you've packed quite a variety in too. I can't wait to see them when they are all grown!

Good luck with your pot vegetables - I grew some "salad" last year in pots - lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and they were hard work but a joy to watch grow and yummy to eat too.

Your houseplants are wonderful - your fittonia doesn't look so bad!! I think it will like your fab and scary looking planter! Here's hoping.

Peace lillies are great to have around in the house. I never know why it;s called that, do you? I just think it's a lovely name for a sweet plant.

So happy soon to be birthday! I hope you have lots of great things planned. And of course it's your Me Day!!

Happy birthday to be!

Take care

Crystal Cook said...

Pretty plants!! Now you've got me all fired up to go get some too. Poor unsuspecting things, they've no idea they are on their way to their doom! i'll try very hard not to kill them!

Enjoy the freedom! Fun post :)

Anonymous said...

I love plants...but no time to care for them. Glad to enjoy yours though!

Hannah said...

Yay!! Another May baby!! We are awesome!

I loved all the plant pictures. And that last picture, looks like it's going to eat me.

amanda h. said...

great post! love your little garden - i'm so jealous of your green thumb!

ready for some summer-centric posts :)

DL Hammons said...


And a woman who doesn't mind telling her age. Refreshing! That'll end in about ten years. :)

Jon Paul said...

Why do I feel the need to purchase a ficus and go to a steak restaurant? :)

Great pics. Love all the green--and the food looked good too.

Have a great birthday!

Jayne said...

Hello! I was going to say who I found your blog from, but have side-stepped and clicked and skipped so much around blog-land today that I completely forgot! I'll just say instead from someone fabulous, and that covers them all. :)

I love the background to your blog, and the pictures of your planting. Be fab to see how they turn out in full bloom, so have added myself as a follower! And happy week-before-you-are-24!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh I am seriously hungry now! Thanks! LOL!

Congratulations on finishing the Challenge! Job VERY well done!

Marjorie said...

You lucky girl! Things don't grow in my yard. Okay, so I have a tree and some weeds. :-P

Unknown said...


Love the pictures, wow your place is gorgeous, it just makes me ready to move at the end of the year! A place with a yard, a place where I can plant things and have fun!! The food looked amazing and I'm not craving a steak!

Christine Danek said...

Your plants look great. Much better than what my garden looks like. I'm really hungry now with that BBQ pic.
Bring on your selfish posts. :)

Kimberly Franklin said...

Happy early Birthday!! LOL. I totally get the ME ME ME during your birthday week. It's great I'm not the only one like that. LOL.

Beautiful garden!! I really want one.

Lola Sharp said...

Happy almost birthday, Summer!

Love the pictures. Your garden is really coming along.


Shelley Sly said...

What pretty plants! I'll be sure to check in closer to your birthday and wish you a happy one. :)

Shannon said...

Your plants look great. I wish I had a green thumb! If it doesn't mew or ask "what are we eating?" I forget to feed it.