Friday, March 19, 2010

Picture This:

Contest Alert! I'm sure you already know about it, but Southern Princess is hosting a mother of a 100+ followers contest. You should definitely go support her. Because it's awesome.

Also, Frankie is having a 400 followers giveaway!  The prize is an awesome fun-pack of Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder paraphenalia! If you enter because of this post, please say so so I can get extra points. :-D


Today's post is going to be mostly pictures BECAUSE...something is wrong with my wrist. I'm 3 months out from my TFCC repair surgery, and suddenly two nights ago I started getting excruciating pains at ground zero. Pretty much everything is painful, and I'm talking like 8 on a 1-10 scale. I called my surgeon this morning and the earliest I can get in is next Wednesday, so...these next few days are gonna be rough!

Anyway, because today is a beautiful 73-degree spring awakening, thought I'd share some pretty pictures from my life!

This is my new apartment. That flower bed is going to get all torn up and prettified once my mother in law goes on spring break first week of April. I'm having a kitchen garden + flowers, so it will be made of win.

This is the view from my front porch. Those buildings in the distance are Piedmont College, where my husband works (and his alma mater). That weird pit of nasty brown is dead kudzu.

That, my friends, is the town square. Yes, I walked to take this picture, for all of 50 seconds.

This is my neighborhood.

This is what keeps me company while I do dishes: a heather plant, a schefflera, and a daffodil I just picked. 

Since my kitchen window is at ground level, this is what's right on the other side of the glass. I know they're weeds, but I think they're pretty, so there. 

This is my car. Earlier this morning, I took it through the car wash to get rid of the Florida road-trip grime. It didn't really get the tires very well, so while I was getting gas, I took some paper towels and used that windshield fluid stuff to clean the tires. As I was cleaning the last one, a grizzled, rangy country dude walked by me and either said, "You're looking good, ma'am" or "They're looking good, ma'am." I'm hoping he meant the tires. 

This is my 2nd bookshelf. This shelf is dedicated solely to my pleasure novels. As you can see, each shelf is either double or triple-stacked. I won't show the other shelf, since it's full of my geekiness. ;-) 

Oh yeah! That's is SO me, giving you a big thumbs-up with my poor, hurt hand for looking at all my pictures. Such a beautiful day!


Anne Gallagher said...

Nice, very nice. I'm going to have to see where exactly Piedmont College is because I am the Piedmont Writer and hey, we could like, be neighbors or something.

sarahjayne smythe said...

Thanks for the pictures. You look so cute in yours. :) I hope your hand feels better.

Bish Denham said...

Hope your wrists feel better soon! (I'm glad I'm not the only one who double stacks bookshelves.)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I need to get another bookshelf soon.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Beautiful pictures! I hope you have a great weekend and your wrist gets to feeling better!

Lola Sharp said...

I think the dandelion is pretty, too.

I sure hope your wrist gets better!

Have a Happy spring weekend!

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures! You are so cute!!! Looks like a very nice place you live in, and the weather looks gorgeous!!

Take it easy... Wednesday seems like a long way away and I know how painful wrist pain can be!!

Kasie West said...

I'm sorry about your wrist. That's not good. I hadn't heard about either of those contests, I'm so there. :) And I love spring, thanks for sharing the pics.

Shelley Sly said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you live in such a nice area. I hope your wrist feels better soon!

Hannah said...

I have dealt with wrist and shoulder pain so I know what you're going through. I'm sorry to hear that it's bothering you even after the surgery.

I love the pictures of your neighborhood.

I will never show pictures of my books...there are too many and the shame is great. Haha! I kid. There's no shame. But the collection is great.

Sarah Ahiers said...

boo on bum wrist.

Will you take some more pictures of your house and stuff once your garden is in? I'd love to see it!

Summer Frey said...

I sure will! My in-laws are bringing me a big planet this upcoming weekend for the tomatoes and herbs to go in, so hopefully it won't be too long. Spring comes fast around here.

DL Hammons said...

I LOVED your pictures! I lived in Atlanta for nine years and enjoyed taking treks with the family to north Georgia. Enjoy your new surroundings!