Friday, February 12, 2010

OHHH Snap!

It's happening, blog friends!

SNOW in Georgia.

I know most of you are like, pfft, that threat of 3 inches is nothing compared to the thirty feet we're dealing with, but COME ON! This is the land of sweet tea and 200% humidity and average summer day temperature of 102! In the 18 years I've lived in Georgia, I've seen decent snow maybe...oh, 5 times? And one of those was a blizzard that knocked the whole state on its rear-end. Our average winter temperature is around 45.

So yeah, snow is a big deal. Which is why if it even threatens, the whole state panics. I mean, this particular storm is supposed to hit Savannah! Man-oh-man. Good thing I got my bread and hot chocolate and marshmallows already! The man and I are set to be shut in for the weekend.

Kinda romantic, right? Snowed in for Valentine's Day weekend, plus he's already taken Monday off, so even better! This will be our 5-year anniversary, but we don't have any special plans. This will be the first year we haven't done something big or special or cheesy; with him working this new job and in grad school and me being hurt and housebound and grumpy, we're just happy to be able to spend some consecutive days together. We're going to drink hot chocolate and binge on Supernatural and generally enjoy the shut-in life. Can't wait!

So, this is what is keeping me company until he gets home:

It's snowing, but you can't tell.


 There are even more as I type this...wish I had better quality, but I didn't want to scare them away, so I had to snap what I could through the vertical blinds.
Probably not going to hear anything from me until next week (or not. We shall see!) 

Happy weekend!


Kimberly Franklin said...

Snow! YAY! It rarely snows in Texas too. But we've gotten 12 inches in the last two days. I hate cold weather, but love SNOW DAYS!!!

Happy Friday

Unknown said...

Hi Summer! I woke up this morning to learn my kids' schools were closed today...because it was supposed to snow later on!! They were thrilled, of course, but all day they've stared out the windows going, "Where the heck is the snow?" Well, it finally started here, a little before three (when the bus would have dropped them off after school!). It's great to see a winter wonderland out the window now -- it's really coming down as I type.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend with your hubby, and enjoy the snow!

((hugs)) Nicole

Swimmer said...

3 inches we have like... 8 but I guess I'm kinda used to it. Anyway I have no plans this weekend so I want to get a good 2 chapters in of writing!!

Cross your fingers for me!!

Summer Frey said...

Kimberly, I was watching TX get hit hard! I think everyone's going to be ready for spring this year!

Nicole, my husband kept checking the news every five minutes last night to see if they canceled school where he works, but nope! He's coming home now, though. It's pretty, isn't it? We've already got at least an inch.

Swimmer, three inches is a lot to us. I'm not sure I've ever seen more than 6 inches in my life...

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love the pictures. Enjoy whatever you get - snow is so beautiful.

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous!!! Houston didn't get any... I miss the Iowa snow... not when you've had it since Christmas, but I would have loved to get some here... snow days are so much fun!

Enjoy the relaxation and chill time with the man! Nothing better!

Unknown said...

Wooot... snoooowwww... hehe, I'm one of the ones snowed in up here in NJ, I don't know how many inches we have but it's taller than my almost-3-yr-old, lol. :) Good times. Now we will be watching for flooding as it all melts. But I loved our snowed-in days as well! Today was our first real day out in the past 3 days, with schools reopening after 2 days closed (except mine, because we already had a planned day off today for Pres Day).

Your pics are so pretty! Love them. Happy anniversary, too! My hubby and I just celebrated "First Date Day" since our first date was on Feb 11... 15 years ago... we kinda do that instead of Valentine's Day for each other. 15 years sounds like soooo long, lol... but we're only 34, we met in college. We've been married 11 yrs. :)

Yippee for love and snow!

Catherine Denton said...

Snowed in for Valentines day: priceless.
Winged Writer

Hannah said...

That does sound romantic. Unfortunately, Minnesota is extremely prepared at all times for snow. I would love to be snowed in. Have fun and stay warm!