Thursday, January 28, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different! (with pictures galore!)

Jen gave me my third blog award this week! I'd just like to say how overwhelmed I am by this blogging community so far... it's an amazing investment: put a little in, get a TON out! I started this blog as part of a New Year resolution to write daily, but it's leading me to many amazing and wonderful places. Especially since I've been reclused at home since my wrist injury, the online community has done wonders for my spirit. I deeply appreciate each and every one of the people who visits my slice of cyberspace, and believe me--I stalk you back. Hard core. ;-)

So, I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy. Here they are:

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs. I grew up watching Star Trek, and I'm an unabashed lover of all things Trek. I've been to Dragon*Con twice, specifically to meet Star Trek actors. I've met Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LaVar Burton, Gates McFadden, and John DeLancie. Check this out:
Yeah, that's John DeLancie, a.k.a. "Q." And that's me. He was really tall!
 I also have an autographed headshot from John, as well as an autographed headshot of LaVar Burton. 

2. Herbie the Munchkin Cat: I rescued Herbie, a Munchkin, from the animal shelter where I work last summer, and gifted him to my in-laws. Fortunately, they love him, and it's impossible not to:
Sleeping is his favorite pastime. 
Because Herbie likes sleeping so much, getting a picture that shows his Munchkin-ness is difficult,so make sure you check out the Wiki link. Or better yet, search "Munchkin kittens" on YouTube. You'll love it. Anyway, Herbie totally rocks my world, and I love him to death, even though he sheds like a fiend. 

3. Brand New. I'm fairly new to this band, but I love them. 

4. The supernatural. Vampires, wereanimals, fairies, shifters, ghosts, demons, angels, fallen angels, slayers, witches, goblins, elves--you name it, I love it. It all started when I was a wee child and the Dark Shadows remake was coming on in the late 80's. My mom and I would watch it together. Later, when the Sci-Fi channel started playing the original Dark Shadows, Mom and I watched it together every morning. She's where I get my love of the ghoulies from, I think. 

5. The mountains. I lived in Brevard, NC until I was six, and have lived in Northeast Georgia for the last 18 years. If I have my way, I'm always going to live in or as close to the mountains as possible.

The road in front of my parents' house in summer. Pretty fairy-tale, huh?

6. Epic movie soundtracks. Elfman, Zimmer, Shore--love it, love it. Mainly what I listen to when I write. 

7. Shopping.'s true. But I'm also a bargain hunter. My favorite store is TJ Maxx, hands-down. 

8. Kudzu. I hope everyone knows what that is...seems like not everyone's as familiar with this pesky plant as Southerners. It's technically a horrible weed, but I think it's awesome!

These were "trees" outside one of my apartments in Athens. 
9. Skittles. 'Nuff said. 

10. My hubby. He's really number one, but I like to save the best for last. This is one of my favorite photos, from our wedding reception:

All his idea. Pretty sweet, huh?
Now, for blogs that make me happy? Just look at my blogroll, friends...just look at it. Then add a million.


Unknown said...

You deserved it!!! Congrats again :)

Love the photos... I would kill to have a few views like that, they really are fairytale like!!! Adorable pic of you and the husband!!!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Awww...that's so sweet. Congrats on your award! : )

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congratulations on the award - the photos were great (especially #10!). :-)

Summer Frey said...

Thanks, y'all. I know it's sappy, but I really love that picture. It was actually after most everyone had left the reception, and we were just goofing around, dancing, then he did that. My friend who did the photography just so happened to still be there. :-)