Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Le Sigh

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. Georgia was trying to masquerade as a sub-tropical state over the last few days, raining on and off with no warning and great gusto all day long. While it may have ruined plans for some, it provided the perfect backdrop for me and E to do what we do best: sit on our butts and watch the show-of-the-moment, which of course right now is Lost. After about 13 episodes yesterday, we're up to episode 10 in Season Four.

You know you've been watching too much Lost when you dream that you're both yourself and Jack Shepard the same night that your husband dreams he's Locke. (And don't ask why I was Jack instead of one of the women...I have gender-bending dreams a lot.)

After such a productive week last week, I had the mid-manuscript slumps hit me, right around 4pm on Friday. It's not writer's block, per se...

It's more of a feeling of ennui about my writing.
To help myself feel better, as I'm reading A Place to Come To, by Robert Penn Warren (who is admittedly a genius of literature), I'm dissecting the novel with a contemporary editorial eye. I would cut a lot of those paragraphs, Robbie. Just sayin'. But the novel is a Southern bildungsroman like I like to think mine is, so I'm hoping it's going to make me feel inspired.

Maybe this afternoon I'll watch A Love Song for Bobby Long and drink amaretto sours. (Seriously, you should watch that movie. It's amazing.)

Help me fall back into like with my novel! (It doesn't have to be love--it could even be flirtation or just lust!)
Otherwise this happens:


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Oh darl'n! It will pass. I have been in the same slump, working on the MS and fell into a hole that I am terrified will grow rather than shrink. I know it will pass and I just have to be patient but still push myself. I also have picked up a book in a similar genre as mine and am hoping to feel inspired!

keep your head up - I WOULD NEVER want to make Bunny cry...

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Sarah Ahiers said...

oooh writer's ennui - that's a perfect way to describe it!

good thing about that is, it will pass on its own

Catherine Denton said...

Somewhere I heard or read (wish I could remember who said it) to just start typing what you're feeling. Like, "I have nothing to write right here. Not sure where I'm going. Would like to see more dialog..." And soon you'll find yourself actually writing the story rather than talking about it. The motion of typing will give your creative juices liberty to start again.

Good luck!
Winged Writer


It will pass I'm sure. loved the pics.

Have a good day.


Hannah said...

Yeah, don't force it. It always passes.

I had four days off and did not write one word. I'm so bad. I was getting over being sick and just binged on movies, recorded tv and reading By Cunning & Craft. Oh wells!

UMWADS tonight will definitely help that! :)

Shannon Messenger said...

Aw. We all have those days. It really will pass. And sometimes you have to try something new. Write a new scene--even one you probably won't need, just to have some fun with the characters and fall back in love with them. Taking a break helps to. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Extra points for you for using the words bildungsroman in a blog post, good lady. Awesome!

Also, amaretto sours sound like a good plan. Except I'd substitute chilled vodka.

And to fall back in like with your novel, find a terrible, godawful piece of trash literature and read it front to back. You'll be disgusted with the fact that it got published, and remember that on your worst days you could churn out tripe better than that. You'll be ready to get back to work in no time. :)

Crystal Cook said...

Oh, don't cry sweet bunny!!! Your story is rockin, seriously. You are a genius with words. And I can say that because I have seen it up close, under my ever omniscient, critical eye ;)

It'll come back, maybe Lily just needs a little shut eye right now:)

Rebecca Wells said...

Oh my gosh that bunny is adorable. Good luck!

- Rebecca

Stephanie said...

Been there too....the "why am I wasting my time on this crap?" kind of attitude. Always helps to step away!

And is it bad that I like when we have a rainy day?? That means I don't feel guilty about staying indoors and writing all day. :)

Unknown said...

The rain was something! We lost power right at dinner time and played word games with the kids by candlelight. It was fun!

I can't wait to re-watch LOST. Hope you're enjoying it!

Anne Gallagher said...

I had the same ennui the last few weeks so I cleaned the house. CLEAN. I feel better and have managed to work on the newest of the old ms. Don't worry, yours will pass and you'll be rarin' to go again. And take Simon's advice and read something god-awful. It does a world of good.

Christine Danek said...

You'll get it back. Slumps come and go. Lord knows I have too many of them (which I blog about). You're story is awesome and your writing amazing. You have talent, talent that can kick butt. Like Simon said go read a terible, trash novel. Always brings up the spirits.:)

DL Hammons said...

Bed rest...take two adverbs and call me in the morning!

That should make you all better! :)

Talli Roland said...

Oh no, poor bunny!

The best thing to do sometimes is to just keep writing. Don't even stop to ponder! Push through!

Good luck. Sending you positive vibes!

Old Kitty said...

Awww poor bunny and poor kitty!!

I think tons more amaretto sours and lots of watching lost and a love song for bobby long to get the creative juices flowing!!

Good luck!
Take care

Kimberly Franklin said...

Aren't you just loving LOST?! I'm glad you had a great weekend. :)

Portia said...

Sending good writing vibes your way!

I think the writing ennui is the worst, because I'm beginning to suspect the cure is deeply personal. I hope you find your personal remedy soon and begin to feel that immersion in your story again ...

Lola Sharp said...

Hey, we are still having storms off and on all day today (and yesterday)...in fact, we JUST got our internet back. Our high speed cable has been down for two days. This is the first five minutes I've seen the internet in almost 2 days.

(we didn't lose power though, thank goodness. I likes my A.C.)

I like reading a really bad best seller (like Simon says) AND a really amazing book when I feel a slumpy burnout phase (for me that usually comes in the middle of my second draft/revisions) Both inspire me in different ways.

That sad bunny is too cute.:)

Tara said...

Awww, love that bunny!

I hope you get your mojo back soon - if you find it let me know where ;)

Nishant said...

good thing about that is, it will pass on its own
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