Monday, September 12, 2011

Nursing School--week 4

Took my first nursing fundamentals exam this morning, after pretty solid studying for several days prior. Nursing tests are formatted after the NCLEX, which is the licensing exam we have to take in order to be able to practice. NCLEX is all about the critical thinking, and not so much about hard-and-fast technical facts.

I'm good at technical facts. The critical thinking style is going to take some practice.

That being said, I still feel like I did pretty well, and after discussing the iffy questions with classmates afterward, I feel slightly better. I'm sure I passed, but I always want an A, which only allows for missing 5 questions. I know for sure I missed 1 question, but I guess I'll see in a few days...

Tomorrow is my first A&P exam, which should be more hard & fast. I'm feeling pretty good about it too, and I have all day to study as well as tomorrow morning/early afternoon.

The best thing about having the first tests under my belt is that I now have a better idea of how I need to approach studying in the future. I think I'm going to be able to structure my days better in terms to keeping up with homework and still having some free time.

I'm desperate for some free time. It feels like lately, every moment that I'm not studying I'm either exercising, doing necessary house work, or running errands.

I'm determined to work some writing time into my schedule, just so I can feel a little more in tune with myself. Nursing school has already consumed me so much that glancing over all the posts and Blogger and Twitter, and seeing how they're all about writing, already feels odd. For so long my world was focused on writing, and now it's so not that it seems microscopic in retrospect. Funny how things easily become consuming.

Anyway. Right now I have three kitties demanding food and love and such, and I've got the bad shakes from too much coffee and not enough food.

But today's goal is to try to write at least a few hundred words. And get outside! Our weather has been phenomenal since Lee breezed through, and I'm hoping fall is here to stay!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sure you did great on the test! Sorry you have so little free time now. Here's hoping you get two hundred words today.

Liz Reinhardt said...

It was like that after I had my little girl. Writing got completely forgotten! I'm sure you did well, and hope you continue to do well! I find that when I have to sneak time in for writing, I get more done. Maybe I'm just weird, though!

Hannah said...

I hear you on the free time. I have loads of it, but I've been spending it cleaning and organizing the new place. And really, does laundry EVER stop?! Things will be better for me after this semester is over for The Man, then I can enlist him in the cleaning and whatnot.

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying school though and you'll find your balance. Then when you're done with school, you'll have all this free time and won't know what to do with yourself. :D

And always remember, you can text me for comedy relief.

Linda G. said...

That's the good thing about writing -- it's there waiting when you're ready to dive into it. :)

Shain Brown said...

I'm sure you did nothing short of awesome. Be careful, the shakes may be from writing withdrawals. You might consider getting that checked out. Take advantage of the weather when you have it. Keep at it. I would offer you luck but you don't need it.

Talli Roland said...

Glad the first exam went well! I'm rubbish on critical thinking. Good luck tomorrow!

Old Kitty said...

Oh please eat!! :-) And hugs to your adorable kitties too! Awww!

Of course you did brilliantly with your exams - yay for you!!!! Well done!! Now I hope you have some me time to just relax and enjoy the autumnal weather!! Don't you worry about the writing - it'll always be there and will reassert itself as and when you are ready!! :-) Take care

Sarah Ahiers said...

dude, i know you're going to kick ass on all those tests. I bet you get an A for sure on that first one.
Give the kitties a kiss from me!

Susan Kane said...

Best of luck on the exams coming up! I know you will succeed, because you really want to help people, change their lives.

Theres just life said...

Hope you did great on the test. I know how those things can consume your life. Say hello to the kitties for me.
Why not go outside and brainstorm for your writing. They still make portable wireless writing equipment ie. pens and paper. Who knows your next great book idea might be hiding in under the tree. Go out and look.

Pamela Jo

Jon Paul said...

Hiya! :D

I'm coming back to blogging (slowly, slowly) too and it does seem distant and out of focus. It's gonna take some time before it feels normal again.

So thrilled you've finally started nursing school--and you'll do great. I'm sure you're gonna kick some total a$$!

Myne said...

I hope the test turns out better than you expected. All the best with the writing, and have fun too.

Lola Sharp said...

Dude, you KNOW you kicked those test's ass. And, like you said, at least now you know what to expect, how to plan and study most efficiently/effectively.

Man, it's been bloody hot and humid up here still. Weird how you've had such cool weather for so long and we've been sweltering still. BUT, tomorrow evening a big cold front from up Sarah and Hannah's way is coming down, and as of Friday on into the 7 day forecast they're calling for highs of 60s and 70s! WooHoo! I'm ready for it.
(I'm so fickle. I mean, I love summer...and Summer ;) you know, but A) this was a freaking redic HOT one, and B) by the end of every season, I'm over it and ready for the next one to come along.) (by Nov. I'll be whining how much I want snow. By late January I'll be wining how OVER snow I am and how I long for green things and warmth. By late April I'm over rain and beyond eager for sunshine and beach and pool and margaritas.) (apparently I'm fickle and parenthetical and long-winded tonight.)

I'm glad you got some writing in today. (or did you...if I see repins on pinterest...I'll be suspicious. ;)


Pat Hatt said...

No time, been there many times and yes kitties seem to want attention a lot of the time, my two do too.