Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Fancied Myself Faulkner (and then I learned better): WIP Wednesday!

A much more exciting WIP Wednesday report this week, friends! Thanks to the (ridiculous) goal I set myself over the holiday weekend, I was able to boost my wordcount quite spectacularly (for me).

Saving Me
genre: women's fiction
wordcount: 68, 316
goal: somewhere in the vicinity of 75,000 words

General Thoughts:

Bear with me.

As anyone who read my colorfully illustrated post last Friday knows, I had quite a week last week. A lot of it was WIP worries--as I drew closer and closer to my resolution, I began worrying about the plot, the conflicts, the characters--everything. I was valiantly trying to just keep writing, and I barely managed to keep the hounds of doubt at bay while I typed.

And then Monday night everything came to head.

There I was, pacing frantic circles in the office, practically shouting my issues with the book at my husband.

I was going for so much--so much that probably would have been lost on many readers. I was going for parallels, adding in subtle elements of the grotesque here and there, mirroring instances, Biblical allusions, several themes woven throughout, and TWINS! By Mjolnir, I wanted TWINS. And even the better, the grotesque was going to be IN THE TWINS. Flannery would be SO PROUD of me! And all this was getting so convoluted in my head that I couldn't even decide if I wanted my MC to scratch a freakin' lottery ticket without thinking of all the possible repercussions this lottery ticket could have, depending on what she revealed.

Evan let me rant and rave and generally sound like a crazy person (Faulkner), and then in his easy, logical way, he began to point out things in my plot that for him didn't work. And then he took my metaphorical hand and pulled back the curtain, and together we gazed on a land BRIGHT with possibility!

"Look!" he said. "THERE is where your story lies!"

And he was right. He's not a writer, my hubby, but he loves movies. And I'm starting to think that those who watch a lot of movies may be more in-tune with solid plotting than me, at least, who doesn't watch a lot of movies.

So I kept Evan up far past his bedtime, making him repeat our previous 30 minutes of conversation so I could type it. Then I threw bunches of questions at him, and we worked out my revised direction together.

It was beautiful. And then, friends, I slept. Soundly. And I woke up eager to get to the keyboard.

So here I am. When I started writing this morning, I had my new direction in mind, so maybe the last 10k won't need complete overhaul. Then again, it still might. Who knows? All I know is that I'm loving the WIP again, and that's enough for me!!

In other news:

Remember how I told you that I ordered my proof copy of last year's NaNo novel? Well, guess what came in the mail??

I didn't design that cover myself, but I'm still pleased with it. 

Let's just hope that I'm never the one to write the blurb for my books...

whee! I found a typo. 

How is everyone's writing going? I'm seeing lots of new ideas whispering to bloggers! Start a new project? Finish an old one? Have a new vision? Eaten some cake? Share!


Dr. Mohamed said...

A typo? Oh, no.
The cover looks nice; your name looks good in print - very authorly (is that a word?).

Happy continued writing!

Stina said...

The book looks great!

Moves? so that's the secret. I need to start watching more of them. :D

Unknown said...

Husbands are great!!! I love bouncing ideas out of mine! He's so great!!!

Your book looks awesome, how neat!!! Typo or not!!

Crystal Cook said...

TWINS!! You crack me up :) I love your Faulker-esque rambling, would have been fun to see.

So, so happy for you that things are coming together! Yee haw!

And your proof is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. How cool is that! You got that for completing Nano? I want to do that! Have a great day Summer! Type on sista :)

j.m. neeb said...

That is so cool how your husband was able to help you like that! I'm glad you were able to work your story ideas out and become refreshed in your writing. :)

I'm going to do NaNo this year and will have to look into getting a proof copy like that afterwards, even if it has typos!

For the record, I LOVE Faulkner and O'Conner, so the name-dropping was certainly appreciated by this reader.

About Me said...

I find typos all the time in published books, let alone my own. Always makes me giggle (in a good way).

rebel_of_nowhere said...

The twin idea sounded excellent xD

I've done the same thing; I tried to mix so many subplots that I basically ignored the actual plot. Only it wasn't Faulkner-esque so much as incredibly-confusing-esque.

Liza said...

How wonderful that your husband could be such a great sounding board!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Wow! I'm really impressed with how professional the book looks! I saw on FB that it came so i was really hoping you'd post a pic and you did!

Also, you are so close to reaching your word goal on the WIP! The end is in sight for you, and then you can do the "the end" dance!

Erica Mitchell said...

Congrats on getting your wordcount up and being so close to the end. The book looks fantastic! Even with a typo ;) Adds character. I have a new WiP but old WiP wants a rewrite and it's taking the lead. I really don't think I get a say in which story I write my characters are so bossy!

Rebecca T. said...

Oh, so cool to see your book in print! Congrats on figuring out the plot stuff. That can be TRICKY!


Zoe C. Courtman said...

Hey, Summer! Found your blog through Matthew's and thought I'd pop in and say hello! Loved this post - sounds SO much like the thrashing I go through when trying to tie all the plot points together. I'm FINALLY entering the home stretch of mine, so I totally understand! Good luck with the new direction!

Listen, over on my blog, I'm trying to gauge interest in a get together next month for Georgia writers/bloggers, perhaps at an Atlanta venue. Pop on by and let me know what you think??

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting back on track with the WIP! My writing's going well enough, thanks for asking. It'll need heavy editing and expansion, for sure, but I've about 5% of a manuscript written, with another 5% sketched out as chapter notes. The body count's already at 3, trending toward 4. Life is good.

DL Hammons said...

Being a plotter...and not a pantster...I had a sit down with my wife early on when constructing the plot structure and outline for my manuscript. It took up the better part of a weekend.

They don't call them significant others for nuthin!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!!! Eternal Spring looks amazing!! I love the cover and the blurb is succint and intriguing! But the cover with your name on it is the best!

I love how you are resolving all your plot issues and narrative twists! Evan is a star!!

Good luck with your WIP - it's looking good cos you really sound so excited and passionate about this so YAY! for you!! Keep at it and keep going.

Take care

Kimberly Franklin said...

Well, you know how I feel about plotting. I'm so happy you were able to work through some of your issues,though. At least one of us could. And that NANO hard copy is so cool. I want to participate this year just to get a copy of my book like that! LOL.

Marjorie said...

Doubts are what generally keep me from starting. Self doubt is my worst enemy. The book looks awesome! Way to go.

The Words Crafter said...

How wonderful that your husband is willing to help! And your books looks fantastic, love the cover. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall while you ranted....

The Words Crafter said...

How wonderful that your husband is willing to help! And your books looks fantastic, love the cover. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall while you ranted....

Saumya said...

That's so awesome that he helped you and you are at a happy place with your WIP. I hope that I get there at some point this summer!!

Lola Sharp said...

Awwww...aren't great husbands THE BEST? Yes. They are. Sometimes brainstorming with non-writers is a good thing.
Congrats on the breakthrough. (and finishing...since, as you can see, I'm catching up on back posts. Well, trying.)

The book looks yummy!


Hannah said...

that looks awesome!! So is that an edited copy or just whatever you wrote bound up?

no cake. *shaking head sadly*

I did figure out what I'm doing for nano and while I was researching that BAM! New idea popped into my head from a crazy dream I wrote down years ago. I thought my muse was on vacation for the moment since I haven't written anything towards the wip, just notes and stuff but now...thought explosions!!