Thursday, January 21, 2010

Up Early

Because I had my first physical therapy appointment this morning, I woke up extra-extra early today--early enough to actually have a conversation with my husband before he left for work.

Since I've been away from work, I've gotten into the habit of sleeping until around 9, and on rare occasions, after 10. The very idea of dragging myself out of bed before 8 before I absolutely have to when I do finally go back to work is awful. But then I do it on some days, and I remember exactly how productive I can be on these early-rising days.

For instance, yesterday I got up at 8:20, and before noon I won an email battle with my worker's comp adjuster, scheduled then REscheduled my appointment with the hand therapist, went for a run, did a load of laundry, dropped off dry cleaning and went to the grocery store. I kept looking at the clock thinking, "is that wrong? No way it's only 1pm! I've gotten everything done for the day." And all this after I stayed up late writing.

The writing is going well. No new changes to report today, though I did tell Evan about my narrative changes and the plot twists that come along with it. He was intrigued, but overall approved.

I hit the 10-page mark last night! Not really that impressive, since I'm still in the beginning of the second chapter, but hey! Every small victory is still a victory, right? Today I'm going to aim high and shoot for 15 pages. Evan has another night class, so he won't be home until late late.

So right now I'm grooving to my Norah Jones Pandora station with my fleet of candles lit, enjoying one of my special cups of coffee. It's rainy, and I have the blinds open beside me so I can watch the little birds who finally discovered the bird feeder I hung for them. Between the feeder and the puddle on the patio, they're having a grand old time.

And so am I.


lisa and laura said...

Ten pages is a huge milestone! Congratulations!

Summer Frey said...

Thanks! I keep deleting big portions; I've actually crossed the 10k mark, but I've cropped out about 3k...Hoping to get there (again) tonight!