Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again

Just a quick note before bed:

I've gone and done it again. More major screwing around with my layout.

But, I figure it's better to get these things right now, when it's only 3,000 words than later, when I'm at chapter 24 and have the epiphany to completely change the narrator.

Oh, because that's what I did.

You see, I was writing this scene from the male POV earlier today when I decided to introduce a character who was also a major personal plot point for him and possibly the entire story.

Then I couldn't stop thinking about her.

She was interesting, this character, more alive than I'd managed to make my MMC yet. She knew her story, she knew her voice, and she knew exactly where she fit into this ever-evolving equation.

So I did that thing that I usually don't like: I've introduced dual perspectives in differing POV's.

It already feels right (and if you want my thoughts on feeling, just check out my earlier post on clairvoyance), and I managed to pound out about 2000 words in a little over an hour. That's a record I only broke a few times during NaNo writing sprints.

So, Payette Moreau, previously single POV; meet Mairwyn "Mary" Davies, your newest cohost and first person POV protag. You're gonna love her.

No, really. You're going to fall in love with her.

PS: Yes, as soon as I figure out exactly how I'm going to tell this story of mine, I'll post more than random allusions to the plot.


Elana Johnson said...

I've done this more times than I care to admit. Good luck figuring it all out!

lisa and laura said...

Good for you. Don't you love the breakthroughs?

Summer Frey said...

The breakthroughs are wonderful. I feel a teensy bit like I'm cheating by letting myself off the hook of writing from a completely male POV, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm the one making the rules here, so anything goes.