Monday, January 25, 2010


I had my first real physical therapy appointment this morning, and it was intense. My therapist said that my forearm muscle is fairly knotted, and the web between my forefinger and thumb has a lot of tension in it, all of which are contributing to my resting pain. I used one of those cross-trainer bikes just with my arms for about 10 minutes, and that about did me in. But all-in-all, I'm seeing some improvement, so hopefully Dr. P will be pleased when I go back on February 4th.

I know I talk about my birds a lot, but you have to understand how cute they are! I've been working as a veterinary technician at an animal shelter for nearing 2 years, yet my husband and I aren't allowed to have pets in the apartment we rent. Having a bird feeder right outside my sliding glass door really gives me enjoyment. I already had to buy a new bag of seed today; my feeder is turning into quite the hot spot.

It rained torrentially over the weekend. Since we live in a basement, when the rains really get heavy, I always worry a bit about flooding. We haven't gotten any water in yet, but it came really close last fall when we were having all the flooding in Atlanta.

This is a picture from the door of the back yard:

Looks like a river, huh? That's about 6 feet from the door. I figure we've got about 3 more months of this to look forward to. Georgia winters are great.

Today is beautiful and sunny, but windy! I'm talking gusts up to 30mph! But you know what? My little birds aren't daunted! I haven't seen the titmice out today, but the sparrows and chickadees are taking full advantage of the titmice's absence and have barely left the feeder and patio since I refilled it 2 hours ago. Whenever the wind blows, they just kind of hunker down and let their feathers ruffle. It's quite cute.

I'm sure there's a great writing analogy in there about hunkering against the winds of destruction or something like that, but I hate cheesy crap like that. Besides, I'm talking about my 20 cute little bird-pets, not the precious 10,000 words my manuscript it now up to.

Yep, I made my goal on Saturday and went over by a whopping 29 words. I think I'm going to aim for 10k a week. It's a pretty heavy pace, but while I'm still out of work and not having to start thinking about moving yet, I'm going to try to take advantage. I'm not sure how long this story will turn out to be, but I'm aiming for 70-80k, just because that's a good, readable length.

That being said, I spent my time yesterday making the book trailer and not actually writing, so I'd better stop blogging about my writing and actually write!

PS: If I could have any other job in the world besides a writer, it would be Samantha Brown's. Seriously. You shouldn't get paid for that.


Guinevere said...

Good luck catching up on your writing today, although the trailer looks like time well spent!

I gave you the Over The Top Blog Award! Check it out here:

Unknown said...

I ran across your blog when Guinevere chose you as the Over the Top Blog, so I thought I must check this out!!!

Good Luck with your writing! You're right Georgia winters look like they'd be yucky... and I love your birds, how fun it must be to watch them come and enjoy the food! Ruffling their feathers is the cutest!

Luna said...

I love chickadees! Enjoy your birds. They sound like a fun flock to feed and watch. It took me six years living in my apartment before my landlord let me get a cat. Now we own the place, so eventually we could get a dog. Working at the vets must really make you want a pet. I hope it works out for you! We had some crazy wind here in upstate NY, but not that bad. Wow! Hope you get some sunshine and better weather soon.

Congratulations on meeting your goal! Good luck with your next one!

Summer Frey said...

Thanks, Guinevere! Don't know how I'm going to pick my 5... :-)

Hi Jen! Thanks for coming by!