Thursday, September 6, 2012


So ever since I got so wrapped up in the world of my urban fantasy MS (All That Remains), all other creative input kinda got blocked.

Once I finished revising and revising that book and ventured out into Query World (I'd say right now I'm level 10), I was ready for a new idea. Sure, nursing school is uber brain-suck, but a writer needs to write, you know? Even if just a few hundred words a week.

But when I turned to the idea bucket in my brain--shock. It was empty.

That's a pretty devastating feeling. I moped around for a few weeks, desperately trying to come up with a new idea. Sure, I have some drawer novels that I could revise, but nothing tickling my fancy right now. I flirted with the idea that I should break out of my interest zone and write something totally different, like a romance or YA contemporary.

Idea bucket = still empty.

Until last night.

Anyone who's heard my philosophies on writing knows that I feel like writing comes from the writer, not voices in my head or muses or any of that ridiculous shite. So I have to hang my head a little to admit that last night, in the final REM cycle of my sleep, I had a really awesome dream. 

When I woke up, I put on my glasses and went straight to the computer, where I wrote down as much as I could remember about that dream. Then, all morning, I percolated on it. Running track intervals? Thinking about it. Taking a shower? Thinking about it. Eating oatmeal? Thinking about it.

It's there, guys. It's been a long time since an idea has hit me so hard and been so vibrant so fast. I told hubby about it on his lunch break, and he even gave the thumbs-up on the idea.

Idea bucket = full.

Turns out, I'm best sticking to my comfort zone. So I'll be heading into space soon, ready to start on my new (YA -ish) sci-fi WIP, jokingly titled TANGO TANGO for now.

Oh, and I've started making a playlist for it. On the drive back from the track this morning, I heard the Jesus Jones song "Right Here Right Now," and felt really nostalgic. So most of the songs on the playlist thusfar are from the years '91-'96. Then I realized that meant some were 20 years old and I felt weird.

I'd love to say I'm off to worldbuild on TANGO, but in reality I have my first exam next week in Med-Surg, so I'm really off to study heart failure! Don't be jealous.

And don't give up on your idea bucket.



Anonymous said...

The thought of an exam GIVES me heart failure. Good luck with the skiffy WIP.

Old Kitty said...

Glad your ideas bucket is brimming over with such exciting creative things! Yay!! take care

Sarah Ahiers said...

I had that problem, once around a year ago. I just hadn't had any new ideas. But i didn't worry about it. I knew i just needed some time. And then BAM! New ideas started to return!

Tamara said...

Hi Summer,
I've had the same problem. I'm never going to be one of those writers who finds story ideas everywhere/has a million ideas to work with. I'm always afraid that the one I'm working on will be the last idea my brain comes up with. And you're right. It's an awful feeling.

Glad you had a dream that helped you out! I had one of those the other night myself. Did you know its said that people who have vivid dreams have a higher IQ? So, go us! :) Good luck with Tango Tango!!

I commented on your blog weeks ago, but then never got back. (Actually, it was on Matt's site-the query critique one that had your query) But my life got crazy all at once directly after that and I wasn't online much.

Anyway, I'm back now. I actually just started a new site myself if you want to swing by. It's brand new so I'm kind of in desperate need of followers. haha. Hope I see you over there. Again, good luck with your new book.

Unknown said...

hi der, I have nominated you for One lovely blog award... Check the following link for details


Lola Sharp said...

YAY for new shiny wips! :)