Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mid-Year Check In

My second blog post, before I had any followers and followed anyone, was a written record of my resolutions for the year.

With this being the last day of August, the majority of yet another year has somehow passed.

Time to check in on those resolutions.

New Year Resolutions 2010

Listen to music every day. Check, especially thanks to the gym. 
Read every day. Close, but some slacking. 
Write as close to every day as possible. Same as above. 
Finish writing and editing Eternal Spring Um, well, I finished it...
Successfully grow some herbs Yes! And many other plants. :) 
Learn how to make palak paneer Hm, not yet. Totally forgot about this one, and now I'm hungry. 
Save x dollars each month with Evan Ongoing, but doing well. 
Get a bird feeder Haha, oh god YES! I LOVES my birds!
Learn to play the violin Still working on this one. Wrist is close to shaping up. 
Once wrist can handle it, get back into yoga Check! But I won't be doing any handstands. 
Drink at least 64 oz. water daily No, but trying really hard. 
Write and edit 2nd, as-yet-unnamed novel Write, check. Edit, in-progress. 
Win NaNoWriMo '10 Woot!
Find a new job, eventually This one is not happening. Yet. But I'm going back to school for a new career, so that counts, right? 

How about you? Did you make any resolutions this year, and how are they coming along? 


Renae said...

My biggest resolution was to start a blog and that's well underway. It was really scary at first, but I love it now! Congrats on all of your resolutions!

Old Kitty said...

Wow!! You are so super organised!! I don't do resolutions but it's great to see how you've achieved or are on the way to achieving your goals!!! Good for you!!

I guess my very long term resolution is to get this darned ms to a standard where I can truly really say it's a novel that people would like to read.

Take care

Anne Gallagher said...

I'm scared to go back and look. I know there are some things I don't even want to think about.

JournoMich said...

Very admirable--all the resolutions. I, however, don't make them. Should I? Maybe. But there isn't a high sucess rate for those who do. May you break the mold!


Gary Baker said...

My new year's resolution was to be more real-world and less 1024 by 968 pixels ... fail!

RosieC said...

You've got some good resolutions. Looks like you're doing well in sticking to your goals.

I would love to learn how to make palak paneer. I could eat it every day :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay! I play the violin too! We can be violin buddies!
mine were something like - start a blog (check)
Finish novel (check)
edit novel (in progress)
send out query (we'll see)
lose weight (pshaa. working out every day and i'v effing gained weight)

Jessica Lemmon said...

Just one biggie - finish my book and submit it. I finished 4 and submitted 1, the entire MS was requested and then *sigh* rejected, but for some reason I still feel SO proud of that. ;)

Kind of like "it's an honor just to be nominated."

Meredith said...

Congrats on meeting most of your goals! I love this list. I may have to make some New Years' resolutions now :)

Lola Sharp said...

Dude, you accomplished a lot in 6 months. :)

My biggest goal (finishing revisions on current WiP) has not been completed. *sigh* *hangs head in shame*

In my defense, a lot of stuff happened that could not have been foreseen.

Here's to the next 6 months! *clink*

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Don't you love New Year's resolutions? Pretty cool that you have yours and can pull them out and review. I've totally forgotten what mine are. I hope this gives you a sense of accomplishment. It should.

Summer Frey said...

@Renae: That's great! I started this blog on Jan 1, so it definitely helped in the writing every day resolution.

@Old Kitty: I usually don't do resolutions, or I keep them to something I feel I can really deliver on. Nothing ambiguous for me.

@Anne: But you might be surprised! Pleasantly!

@Gary: Your answer made me laugh out loud! I'm guilty of this too.

@Rosie: I know, right? It's sooo good! I love Amy's Organic frozen one, but it's so expensive to eat as often as I'd like. :) I've found some good recipes, I just need to try them.

@Sarah: I've played the piano since I was 9 and always wanted to try violin. But I hurt my wrist soon after getting it, so it's been sitting in my closet...sadness...

@Jessica: That's the perfect way to put it! I'd be totally proud of those stats!

@Meredith: At least you can get away with fewer, right? There's only 4 months left!

@Lola: See above! You still have four months left to achieve your revisions! I know you can do it.

@Karen: I was surprised by how many I did, I'll admit. And I knew putting them in the blog would be a way I could keep track.

Jules said...

I only made one resolution this year; get to next year. :) so far I'm on track barely.

And yes, most definitely is going back to school counting. I fear at 50 that is going to be what I have to do.

Peace... :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Lindsay said...

My resolution was to get my MS edited, which I've done. Woot. Now I'm making a half resolution to finish the current MS. :)

Congrats on your achievements so far.

Franklin Beaumont said...

Looks like you're doing well. It's not easy to make a resolution and stick to it. I did resolve at the start of this year to write every day, and so far I've kept that promise to myself. I listen to music every day too, but only because I couldn't live without it.

Talli Roland said...

Wow, looks like you've done fabulously! I'm so impressed. Even if I did have a list, I certainly don't want to check in with it! :)

Melissa Hurst said...

Yes, I made a list. And I don't want to look at it because I know I've broken most of them. Oh well, there's always next year:)

Unknown said...

My resolution-success ebbs and flows like the the tide, on both a daily and monthly basis...may have something to do with the moon (??)

You're totally on-track, in my view. Keep up the great work!

DL Hammons said...

My one and only resolution this year was to query my book before the end of the year. I'm very close to doing that...so I'm pleased.

You should be too!

Edlund said...

So is this like the half way through the year, new years resolution thing?

Summer Frey said...

@Jules: That's a good resolution. :)

@Lindsay: Awesome! Both excellent resolutions! Congrats on meeting the first!

@Franklin: I'm impressed. You're far better than I... *sigh*

@Talli: You might be surprised!

@Melissa: Exactly. I finally stopped putting some things on my list, because I knew I'd never do them. :)

@Nicole: Hmm, interesting. Let's definitely blame it on the moon.

@DL: Yes! I'm so excited for you about that!

@Edlund: No, these were my resolutions from Jan 1. Just checking in on myself. No need to add more, you know?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Summer, a new career definitely counts! And you've done really well keeping up with your goals.

Jemi Fraser said...

Retraining definitely counts!!

You're doing well with your goals - and you have a lot of them!! I don't usually set goals - they tend to hang over me like storm clouds and I get too uptight!

Jamie Gibbs said...

That's a good set of resolutions, and well done on getting that many done already :D

I have a habit of starting my year very organised (I'm a big fan of new beginnings and 'starting fresh') so I always ring in the New Year with a list of 10 resolutions, which never get done. Usually this is because my list is written on my diary for that year, and #1 on the list is 'write in the diary every day'. This doesn't get done, and I forget the list :P

Crystal Cook said...

You have a LOT on that list! Look at you and all those accomplishments!! That's awesome :)

I had a list with three goals. I've done two (my half marathon, and an art related one) but the third. . . I've changed it. Now I just want to finish my dang novel!! That's the goal :)

When are we going to skype chicka??? Hmmmm??? ;)

The Words Crafter said...

I made one resolution two years ago and I've kept it amazingly well. I resolved to make no more resolutions!

kah said...

I resolved not to make any resolutions and I succeeded. :) Might do the same thing next year. ;)

Christine Danek said...

You go girl. You are doing great. I can't remember most of mine. My main goal is to finish this freakin' novel. Revisions are taking a lifetime. Maybe query next year--we'll see about that.
Hope to talk to you soon!

demery said...

Hello Summer,

New to your blog. Congratulations on so many wonderful accomplishments this year!! Last January I was too wiped out to resolve to do anything but be me and settle in to our new home. We'd moved a few months before after a pretty chaotic year. I've still accomplished a lot - but just kind of tackling one thing at a time.

So now I've had a breath!! And by next Jan. I expect some more energy and excitement this time around the calendar.

Unknown said...

I love New Years Resolutions! I love seeing who actually takes them serious and who doesn't. Looks like you my friend have made several different resolutions, which I think rocks! Most only choose one.

I made the resolution to get my thoughts out in the world about my writing, aka, start a blog. So far I've been successful and hope to carry it through. The other was to be more relaxed and carefree, that one I'm working on, but I'll say it's VERY MUCH improved. Last but not least I wanted to revise Getting to Peloria, I finished one set of revisions and I'm currently in two, so I guess this year I actually met mine!


Erica Mitchell said...

You've done so much in six months! Wow! I should really look into what my goals were and if they have been met, accomplished or need a bit of work.
Which means I need a list ;)
Glad to see your doing so well at all these things! I hope you can add handstand to the list one day :D

Tere Kirkland said...

Mmm, palak paneer. Now I'm hungry.

I'm not big on resolutions (probably because I break them by January 2nd), but I do set goals for myself, especially with my writing.

I was hoping to find an agent this year. Four more months to go! ;)

Christi Goddard said...

I don't make resolutions. I never have the willpower to follow through. I accept my limitations :-)

Eric W. Trant said...

I make and violate resolutions as I go.

Current resolution is to lean out by a few pounds, and crack on my next novel.

Every year, though, I do a full looksie to see how the last year went, and I work -- HARD -- to make every year just a little better than the last.

So far, so good.

- Eric